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Father : Jack Lee

Married to : Eden Capwell (1986)

Former known girlfriend : Lani (1990)

Profession : Business lawyer at the Capwell Enterprises

  Joseph Bottoms :
September 23 1985 (# 296) to April 16 1986 (# 437), December 09 1987 (# 843) to December 17 1987 (# 849), March 27 1989 (# 1173) to April 10 1989 (# 1183), April 24 1990 (# 1446) to May 04 1990 (# 1454)
  Robert Newman :
April 22 1986
(# 441) to May 30 1986 (# 469)

Kirk Cranston is the prototype of the wicked one. Not the one you like to hate, no, the one you really hate ! Employed at the Capwell Enterprises, he arrives at the good moment whereas Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo live their first couple crisis, in 1985. Eden is at this time convinced that it is her who had disconnected the life-support system which connects to life her father, C.C., fallen into coma. But this is only a new machination of Gina Capwell to clear herself of the act... A truth that Kirk discovers rather quickly and of which he decides to make a good use. Whereas Eden suffers of the incomprehension of Cruz opposed to euthanasia, Kirk tightens his shoulder to her and very quickly gets close to her. He even goes until quickly marrying her.

But beside that, Kirk does not hesitate to blackmail Gina that he knows guilty and by the same time Eden, by sending her anonymous letters. Those ones repeat to her that a person knows that she had wanted to kill her father and that to keep silence, she will have to pay. Eden thus starts to pay her own husband ! And because he has exchanged her pills, Eden falls pregnant. This does not prevent Kirk from getting wrongly more and more persuaded that Eden cheats on him with Cruz. Kirk must deal with Gina when she rebels against his directives, in particular the one of purely and simply eliminate Eden. Mad of jealousy, he requires from her to shoot at Eden in the Capwell boathouse. But thanks to Gina, Eden comes through it, and Gina disappears, drowned in the pool. While escaping, Eden has a car accident and loses the baby.

The shock of the discovery, a few weeks later, Gina well alive and decided to lead him to his loss, causes to Kirk a heart attack. His survival passes by a transplant, which is finally offered to him on a plate by those whom he wants to destroy : the Capwells. David Laurent indeed agrees to concede to him the heart of the recently assassinated Madeline Capwell Laurent. Even if Kirk survives to the transplant, he has now lost Eden. This latter, with Cruz and Nick Hartley's help, ends up bringing to light his real personality and his past crimes. Discovering that not only his intentions were revealed, but also that the woman he wishes so much to control continues to get closer to her former fiancÚ, Kirk is decided to finish with all that. He causes a car accident to Gina, and starts a race after Eden in Aqualand. After having thrown Eden in the sharks pool, Kirk tries to shoot at Eden and Cruz. And it is a new intervention of Gina which allows to prevent Kirk from achieving his ends. He is finally arrested and imprisoned.

However, his absence is of short duration. Kirk briefly reappears at first in 1987 : when the perfidious Elena Nikolas dies in C.C.'s arms by showing Cruz as her murderer, it is Kirk who is behind everything ! He indeed conditioned Elena so that she commits suicide without leaving traces. But Kirk is discovered and thrown in jail again.

He briefly reappears in 1989, recently out of prison. He then turns to be responsible of the adoption by Hollis Castillo of Adriana, Eden and Cruz's daughter. After having kidnapped Sandra Mills, Kirk takes refuge in the cellar of Gina's house. Hidden in Canada, he is a new time sent towards justice.

This is in 1990 that he reappears at the head of a new machination. Reigning on Kahana island, he supervises an enormous drug traffic from which many Santa Barbara inhabitants, whose Eden, are victims. Fortunately, Cruz, with the help of his two friends, Nikki Alvarez and Michael Donnelly that Kirk had made kidnapped, succeeds in locating him and arrests him on his boat. During a fight, Kirk falls overboard. In the middle of the night and under the thunderstorm, he disappears without leaving any trace...

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