Katrina Ruyker




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Identity   Interpreter

Former known boyfriends : Dash Nichols (1991-1992), Ted Capwell (1992)


Profession : Journalist at Santa Barbara Conscience


Maria Ellingsen :
May 28 1991 (# 1722) to October 05 1992 (# 2065)


It is with a beautiful strength of character, under a rather sweet physical appearance, that young German Katrina Ruyker enters the Capwell mansion in May 1991. Her grandparents having been good friends of C.C. Capwell during World War II, Katrina is welcomed with opened arms by the family which welcomes her in the villa.

If some first pretenders as Mason Capwell or Amado Gonzalez show her a certain interest, it with Dash Nichols that Katrina immediately falls in love. She spends time with him in the mountains, where Dash makes hours of community works. By learning by a jealous Amado that Dash hid her to be Julia Wainwright’s rapist, Katrina runs away towards the hills where she finds herself prisoner of a fire. She owes her life to Dash, come to save her in spite of the danger, and so decides to make a clean sweep of his past.

But the Capwells do not see this relation of the same eye. Katrina so discovers that through his henchman Craig Hunt, C.C. threatened Dash to send her back in Germany if he refused to leave her. She is even assaulted by men, paid by Craig to intimidate Dash. Even if C.C. tells her that he does not approve Craig's violent methods and apologizes, Katrina prefers to leave the Capwell mansion to live more freely her relation with Dash. She finds a work in Warren Lockridge's newspaper, Santa Barbara Conscience, where she works with Suzanne Collier, her new roommate and confidante.

Katrina then does everything she can to help Dash in his conquest of rehabilitation. She even writes an article praising his virtues to lead to forget the rape of which he was the author. She so succeeds in finding him in spite of her a job as a doctor outside the city, and sees Dash leaving her to start a new life far from his past and of Santa Barbara.

After Dash’s departure for Saint-Louis, Katrina begins to date Ted Capwell who, since his come-back in Santa Barbara, did not stop turning around her. She becomes sincerely in love with him, and even intends to get married. But she discovers one fine day that the redoubtable womanizer has an affair with Angela Raymond behind her back and she immediately leaves him. Katrina decides then to leave Santa Barbara to find Dash, her real love, in Saint-Louis...

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Maria Ellingsen
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Marcy Walker replaced by a stranger of 24 years old !, 1991
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Maria Ellingsen


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