Marcy Walker replaced by a stranger of 24 years old !

 TÚlÚ Loisirs, 1991

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She is a beauty who comes from the cold... quite as fair as Eden, of who she will have to make forget the absence to the televiewers. Maria Ellingsen had indeed just been selected to play Katrina Ruyker in Santa Barbara and to redress the interest of the show after the departure of Marcy Walker.

Maria grew in the frozen fogs of Reykjavik, Iceland. Like her ancestors the Vikings, she decided to cross the seas to be made a famous name in foreign parts. After a short career of journalist in her native country, she buckled a turn of Europe, before flying away to the United States where she produced, with a troop of actors, the part Fool for Love, of Sam Sheppard. Today, she thus obtains the at the same time promising and delicate role of the "substitute" of Eden. In a letter to C.C. Capwell stamped from a country of East Europe, Katrina informs him of her desire to meet him, about an old debt contracted by her grandfather : agreement of C.C. Capwell who thus invites her in the United States and sign thus the arrival of the young woman in the inexhaustible saga of Santa Barbara.

Not to have to play Eden as a simple understudy seems in any case to delight her : "I always fought not to have to resemble anyone, she affirms, to remain myself... as Katrina." Lets hope in any case that the actress and her character will live happily together !