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Identity   Interpreter
Date of birth : January or November 195?

Father : Roger Wainwright

Sister : Augusta Lockridge

Married to : Mason Capwell (1989-1991, 1992-...)


Child : Samantha Wainwright Capwell

Former known boyfriends : Craig McAllister (197?), Jack Lee (198?, 1985), David Laurent (1986), Michael Donnelly (1988), Dash Nichols (1990)

Professions : Lawyer at Smith, Caulfield & McKenna and at Capwell & Capwell, assistant of the district attorney, district attorney, judge


Nancy Lee Grahn :
May 06 1985 (# 198) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Of a very assertive personality, archetype of the independent and feminist businesswoman, Julia Wainwright arrives in 1985 in Santa Barbara to take care of her sister, Augusta Lockridge, who then suffers of blindness.

She does not need much time to find a new motive to stay in the person of Jack Lee, the man who formerly initiated her to love. She wonders of his distant behavior, without realizing that she has to make with his lookalike cousin, Jerry Cooper, who took Jack's place without anyone knowing it. In the train which leads them on the island of New Stailand, she helps Amy Perkins and Brick Wallace to unmask Jerry, then to release Jack of the gaol in which he was held prisoner.

Lawyer of profession, she takes in charge next year the defense of David Laurent, accused of the murder of his late wife, Madeline Capwell. She falls very fast under his charm, even if his lies revealed during the trial lead her after a while to doubt his innocence. While they celebrate David's acquittal in the mountains, Julia discovers dumbbells covered in blood in his bag. A track race follows during which she discovers that David lied to her all these week by having an affair with one of the suspects, Sheila Carlyle. Even if David is truly innocent, Julia feels betrayed and tries to forget him by putting a lot into her work.

She then gets hired to defend Dr. Mark McCormick, accused of rape on his wife, Mary DuVall. Moved by Mary's testimony, Julia decides to make her human and feminist ideals pass before her professional ethics, and finally refuses to defend him. Realizing that she is incapable to choose stable and long-lasting partners, Julia makes then the decision to remain a single woman, while carrying out her supreme desire to have a baby. She envisages various possible fathers, from Brick Wallace to Pearl Bradford, before settling on Mason Capwell, for whom she dedicates a profound respect and an all rising love. To this end, she completes their agreement by a contract, as the good lawyer that she is. So Mason makes a commitment to let Julia take care alone of the upcoming baby, refusing any paternity right. Their sexual intercourse supposed to remain mechanical create at each other some real feelings, and Julia realizes that she fell in love with Mason. But meanwhile Mason met actress Victoria Lane and proposed her to marry him. Julia sees Mason escaping from her, and decides to hide him that she got pregnant. They confront each other in court at the beginning of 1987 within the framework of the trial of Gus Jackson, accused of theft, then of Jake Morton, accused of Hayley Benson's rape.

Julia moves alone into a beautiful house near the beach, when she discovers that Victoria is pregnant, without already knowing that the baby is not Mason's. This latter also eventually understands that Julia is pregnant of him. One evening when they find themselves blocked in Eureka, they finally admit their love for each other, while in Santa Barbara, Victoria gives birth to her baby. As they work from now on in the same law firm, Julia does not leave Mason any more. She so finds herself to be the object of many jealousy scenes on Victoria's behalf, but refuses to begin an affair with Mason. She supports Victoria when she becomes hooked on cocaine and when Mason disappears for long weeks during the summer, kidnapped in the desert. Julia gives finally birth to a girl, Samantha, in summer 1987. The trial of Cruz Castillo for Elena Nikolas's murder moves Julia still closer to Mason, with whom she shares the defense. Stuck one night in a cave, they make love, this time by passion. At their return, Victoria guesses the truth and leaves Mason.

Once Mason divorced of Victoria, Julia can finally fully live a family life with him. But for Julia, it is a drama when Mason disappears suddenly after murder suspicions hanging over him. Dr. Mark McCormick's bones were found in the Capwell boathouse and all indication lead to believe that it is him who killed him, avenging after her death poor Mary DuVall, his first love. Under the identity of Sister Rebecca, she settles down in Mary's former convent where Mason is left for dead after an explosion. She gets acquainted with Father Michael Donnelly, whom she suspects of Mark's murder, before the identity of the real culprit is revealed, another sister of the convent.

Accompanied by Father Michael, Julia finds Mason's track in Las Vegas. But she ignores that this latter suffers from split personality and believes to be named Sonny Sprocket. Happy to find the man whom she thought of having lost, she refuses to see that he acts strangely and seems to have teamed up with Gina DeMott, who uses Sonny to put the hand on the Capwell fortune. On the eve of her wedding with Mason, Julia discovers him in Gina's arms and ducks out of him during the ceremony. She finds some comfort only in Father Michael's arms, with whom she spends the night. Gina, on her own, takes then advantage of it to marry Mason. But during the ceremony, the bridegroom is shot and, once recovered, he finds his real identity back. Julia, after explanations with Mason which turned out to be very necessary, finally marries him in spring 1989. Together, they open their own law firm, Capwell & Capwell, until Mason disappears a few weeks later.

Never in rest on the professional level, Julia helps her friends Michael Donnelly and Mack Blake in various legal troubles, before being in her turn a victim of the justice. While she tries to know where Mason disappeared, she finds herself trapped by mafioso Anthony Tonell and accused of the murder of Bunny Tagliatti. At her trial, Mason and Bunny suddenly reappear, as smiling than very well alive. Julia discovers later that, during his absence, Mason had an affair with Sasha Schmidt, Tonell's mistress. She throws him out of the house, encouraged in it by her sister Augusta, back in Santa Barbara. But the discovery of Sasha's inanimate body in the marriage bed leads Julia to form an alliance with Mason to investigate in secret the identity of the murderer. Meanwhile, she hides with him Sasha's body in her freezer, then in the Capwell crypt. With the help of Sydney Schmidt, Sasha's sister, the real murderer is finally discovered : it is Laura Asher, the new district attorney's wife.

But even if they finally took up, Mason continues to drink and very quickly Julia cannot bear to see him coming back tipsy, especially towards Samantha. She asks then for divorce. After a legal action between the Blue Sky Brigade and the Capwell Oasis project where they are opposed, each one representing one of the two parties, Julia sleeps in a moment of weakness with her customer, Dash Nichols. While she already regrets her act, she undergoes Dash's assaults, who takes himself of passion for her and forces Julia to do it again. Julia, shocked by the violence of the one she considered as a friend, accuses Dash of rape. At the trial, Dash is acquitted because of their past adventure. To make him finally confess, she resorts to drastic measures by kidnapping him and by obliging him by force to make him recognize the facts. But Dash resists, persuaded that Julia was always willing. Always perturbed by her rape, Julia begins a therapy with a specialist, Dr. Denise Foxworthy. She finally discovers that this latter was deceived by Dash and let herself seduced by him without knowing who he was. She finally receives excuses from Dash, who eventually realizes that he abused Julia. She forgives him, understanding that he was nevertheless sincere by thinking himself innocent.

In spite of Mason's advances, Julia always refuses to take up with him. She lets him get closer to Cassandra Benedict, even if her feelings for him are always present. In autumn 1991, she even agrees to be a witness at their wedding in San Francisco, wedding which however is cancelled by the intervention of her nephew, Warren. Officially single, she repels the repeated advances of judge David Raymond, who was formerly her mentor. Deep in her heart, she knows that she will never love only Mason and does not feel ready for another relation. Finally freed from Cassandra, Mason asks Julia to marry him and organizes a surprise wedding at the beginning of 1992, during what was supposed to be a wake in memory of Grant Capwell.

The couple then offers itself a new life full of surprises, specters and frights in the Ballymoor residence, where they settle in after their wedding. The staff of the house is execrable and the house turns out very fast to be haunted. Young Samantha is victim of the place, being very close to die from the consequences of an indefinite disease. Julia finds herself infected in her turn, and even falls into a coma. While he was the first suspect of her poisoning, Dr. Micah DeAngelis succeeds in curing her. Recovered of these emotions, Julia, already a district attorney for two years, decides to go candidate for a post of judge. She faces Mason, who applies too, and wins the battle. She however concludes a last case as a lawyer, the one of B.J. Walker's murder charge on her rapist, Frank Goodman.

Wishing for months to have another child, Julia decides with Mason to adopt Gracie Lee Lively's, a young pregnant teenager who they take in with them. When finally they announce their decision to Gracie, Julia tells Mason that she is pregnant. Their couple is more close-knit than ever, and Julia finally gained the complete happiness which her cheerful and humanist personality deserved...

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