Jake Morton




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Identity   Interpreter
Former known girlfriend : Hayley Benson (1987-1988)

Professions : Ostler at the Abernathy stables, waiter at Johnny's Place, model, waiter at The Lair


Rick Edwards :
January 05 1987 (# 619) to April 22 1988 (# 938)


The stereotype of the handsome and muscular shy and big-hearted seducer finds his embodiment in Santa Barbara through the character of Jake Morton at this beginning of January 1987. Stable boy at the Abernathy stables, Jake appears at first as a counterweight in front of Abernathy's new recruit, Ted Capwell, very distant from his modest and laborious origins. Jake so declares an immediate hostility to Ted, whom he does not stop bullying. But the growing and competitive place which the young heir Ted takes at the stables obliges Jake to leave his job to move as a waiter at the bar Johnny's Place.

Jake's temperament loses then of all its initial sourness when he gets acquainted of Hayley, Ted's wife. He becomes the confidant of the one who, unfortunate in her marriage, looks unfavourably the return in town of her husband's first girlfriend, Laken Lockridge. Jake quickly falls in love with Hayley and, thanks to his insistence, succeeds in making her admit the feelings that she also feels for him. But it will be necessary to wait for the divorce between Hayley and Ted so that Jake can finally see his dreams of common life with Hayley coming true.

Jake knows a first drama when his father, an alcoholic and coward man, comes to visit him, before dying a few days later of a heart attack. Jake is angry at himself to have never succeeded in surmounting the young years of suffering and poverty which his father imposed him and to have let him die without having been able to forgive him. But a new professional fate allows him to recover.

Spotted by Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad, Jake agrees to become a stripped model for a new eau de toilette called The Beast. At first embarrassed to see revealed his muscular body on all the advertising hoardings of the city, Jake eventually gets to like to be a model when he realizes all the cash he gets from it. He so agrees to use a part of his money to invest in the night-club project that his new friend T.J. Daniel wants to open in Santa Barbara, The Lair. But if he refuses at first to listen to Hayley's warnings, Jake eventually realizes that T.J. has a certain tendency to dishonesty and to use the gains of The Lair for personal purposes.

The year 1988 begins with a tragic event for Jake, when the love of his life, Hayley, dies a few meters away from him having been collided by a reckless driver. In the incapacity to get over it, Jake will then not cease from then on to haunt bars and to fall out with his friends, Ted (whom he accuses of being responsible for the death of Hayley) and T.J.. With Pearl Bradford, he agrees to play for a while the nursemaids for the baby of Rita Grant, a waitress of Johnny's Place who became infatuated with him. But nothing changes. And when Jake gets proposed an unexpected contract to be a model in New York, he accepts straight away and leaves Santa Barbara with a heavy heart, but opened to a new life...

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