Operation charm succeeded

 TÚlÚ SÚries, 1988

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The American televiewers discovered Rick Edwards in Santa Barbara eight months ago. An arrival which did not pass unperceived. The little new one is generously 1,90 meter tall, has bicepses and an athlete body, blue eyes which have for purpose to charm the public. Operation succeeded. Rick already received a significant mail that indicates him that people well received his composition of the sexy and mysterious Jake Morton.

He entered Santa Barbara by the small door. Stable boy, then barman before becoming a model for Kelly Capwell, he falls very quickly under the charm of Hayley, ruining her marriage with "we will not say who to you, because it is still far from the French airing". "Jake is someone who had a very bad life. An alcoholic father, a mother who gave him up. He needs to be loved and to love. He is a very protective romantic towards those he loves. He does not admit very well people who had everything easily and is always a little on the defensive before giving himself to somebody. I find myself completely in him, except his education and his patience. However, I am not as patient as him and I had the luck to go to the university." It was in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he is noticed in the oar team. He becomes a professional and rows four years with the New York Athletic Club, even taking part in the world championships of 1978. That allows him to be noticed by an agent who makes him begin a career of model. Regularly on the cover of Gentleman Quarterly, an equivalent of Vogue, he makes also advertizing. Favorite model of the manufacturer Ford, he finds time to practise boxing, but it is a disadvised profession for a mannequin, and he stops after two years, full of regrets.

He makes his beginnings on cinema with Tanya Roberts in Hearts and Armour and appears in two TV shows. But it is in Santa Barbara that Rick estimates to make his real beginnings of actor. "It is a great experiment, the more exciting after my daughter, Jacqueline, from who we have just celebrated the six years, my ex-wife and me. I adore to play comedy. On the soap, we are a real friends team since we always work together. That helps to learn quickly, moreover because the characters are everything except statics. I am not bored with this show, it is impossible. One can be tired, annoyed of it, I do not believe in it !" Rick still manages to ensure his career of model but gave to his agent instructions to do something else in more, for example cinema or other TV shows. But no panic as Rick says : "I am still at school and an apprentice-actor."