Dr Heather Donnelly




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Identity   Interpreter
Father : Dr. Arthur Donnelly

Brother : Michael Donnelly

Child : Michael Clark


Former known boyfriends : Darren Stevenson (197?), Kevin Mitchell (198?), Dr. Zack Kelton (198?), Dr. Scott Clark (1988-1989), Jed (1989)

Profession : Psychiatrist


Jane A. Rogers :
April 25 1988 (# 939) to October 17 1989 (# 1314)


Sweet and friendly, Heather Donnelly appears as the woman of every situations during her first appearances, in 1988. She is first called by the police to hypnotize Dr. Scott Clark, witness of the murder of his uncle Hal at the age of five years. Heather makes him relive the scene and allows him to reveal the identity of the killer who turns to be Pamela Conrad. To thank her, Scott invites her to the drive-in where they hear on the radio a hostages taking at the Capwell mansion. It is in fact Scott's father, Ben, who retains Sophia and C.C. Capwell to avenge his brother's death. Heather and Scott arrive quickly on the spot and Heather plays of her greater diplomacy to make him release the hostages.

The affair gets closer the new couple which fall very quickly in love. And nothing seem to be able to separate Heather from Scott, that is the arrival in town of Dr. Zack Kelton, her former boyfriend, that the recriminations of her father, Dr. Arthur Donnelly, about her couple. Heather finds also her brother, Michael, whom she did not see since he had became a priest. He becomes her confidant, and she supports him when, later, he is unjustly accused of murder.

Heather and Scott thereafter move in together when, one day reappears in their life Celeste DiNapoli, Scott's youthful love. After many hesitations, Scott leaves Heather for Celeste. But then Heather discovers that she is pregnant of Scott's child. This latter hires then Julia Wainwright as a lawyer to obtain the shared guard of the child to born. The couple tears apart for some long weeks of procedure. But when Scott learns that Celeste has became a prostitute, he reconsiders his decision. He cancels the guard request and wants to take over his common life with Heather. Become mother of a little Michael, Heather agrees to forgive Scott and leaves Santa Barbara for Chicago with Michael...

Press article
«What page can I find my horoscope on ?», 1988
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