«What page can I find my horoscope on ?»

 Daytime Digest, 1988

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A native of Minnesota, Jane worked extensively in regional theater before being discovered during an ABC national talent search. In addition to her current role on Santa Barbara as Dr. Heather Donnelly, Jane was seen on General Hospital as nurse Celeste Gabriel, and had recurring roles on Knots Landing and Falcon Crest.

You've been in Los Angeles for seven years. Do you consider yourself a true Californian now, or do you still describe yourself as a Midwesterner ?

I'm a Midwest girl at heart; that will always be my home. I like Los Angeles but there are a lot of things about it (that make) me miss the Midwest. Having a yard, room to walk around, not being stick in traffic...

What were some of your non-acting jobs ?

When I first came out here I waited on tables for a year and a half. Then I got promoted within the restaurant to a corporate position. I was the training coordinator - I opened up about ten restaurants. It was a chain called Josephina's. It's now defunct, but at the time it was a booming restaurant. I traveled to Chicago and Denver. It was a great job; I had a company car. And after a year and a half I decided okay, I can do this in Minnesota if I wanted to. I gave them 60 days notice and I bowed out gracefully. I went back to waiting on tables for a couple of years (and then) I got bored. Meanwhile, I had met an investment broker and his family at the restaurant. We talked about investments and I said I knew nothing about it but it interests me to see what happens with the money. So he offered me a position. My first day there he handed me The Wall Street Journal and I said : "What page can I find my horoscope on ?" It was interesting to me because investing is a good way to make money and keep abreast of what's going on in the country. I learned a lot while I was there.

You've guest-starred on many nighttime series. Do you have any anecdotes to tell ?

Working with Judd Hirsch on the series Detective in the House was the most entertaining (guest spot I did). I had a week on that show; he's a wonderful, hysterical man. I had to do my own stunt driving – I didn't have to; I did so by choice, although they had a stunt double who would do the more difficult stunts. I had a scene where I was supposed to tear out of a driveway and almost hit Judd. Well, I was in the car and the stunt double was standing off to the side. Judd assumed that it was the double driving the car. I pulled out and I started heading toward him. He looked over and saw the stunt double off to the side and literal panic shook through his body; I could see it when he realized it was me. And he flew over and jumped up on top of the car. So I said : "What's the matter, don't you trust me behind the wheel of a car ?"