Greg Hughes




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Date of birth : November 01 1971

Father : C.C. Capwell

Mother : Megan Richardson


Brothers and sisters : Mason Capwell (half-brother), Elena Nikolas (half-sister), Eden Capwell (half-sister), Kelly Capwell (half-sister), Ted Capwell (half-brother), Channing Capwell III (half-brother)

Married to : Emily DiNapoli (1989-...)


Paul Johansson :
April 12 1989 (# 1185) to February 14 1990 (# 1397)


Greg Hughes is in his first appearance in Santa Barbara the secret Megan Richardson hides around her : he is his son. Student in New Hampshire, Greg thinks his mother in Rome, Italy, while she is in Santa Barbara, to write the biography of the famous C.C. Capwell. Very close to his mother, Greg never knew the man she has always presented to him as his father died during the war, Joe Hughes. At Megan's request, Greg comes a first time in California, where the high temperatures and the nonchalant attitude of the young people of his age make him uncomfortable. Serious and very straight, Greg hardly even notices the young Emily DiNapoli who has eyes only for him.

But Greg discovers that he is not ready to end with Santa Barbara and the Capwell family when his mother tells him one day that is not Joe Hughes' son, but C.C. Capwell's. Greg quickly forgives his mother for having lied to him for all these years. He even agrees to spend the summer at the Capwell home to get better acquainted with his new family and then decide to tell or not C.C. that he is his son. But his cold and withdrawn attitude only accentuates the rejection that the other Capwell children have for him, even from Ted, the youngest son usually welcoming. Greg, driven by anger, finally announces the truth about his filiation to C.C., who immediately decides to offer him the rightful place he deserves within the family. If Greg repeatedly hesitates to leave for New Hampshire, he stays in Santa Barbara convinces of C.C.'s love for him, and thanks to Emily's support, with whom he finally gets closer.

Under the pressure of the Capwells who suspect him to stay in order of claiming a part of the family inheritance, Greg passes a paternity test and puts an end to rumors. If he relied on his mother to help him to integrate the family, Greg gets disillusioned while discovering one day that she left the city one and for all without warning him. Suffering of leukemia, she has chosen to end her last days alone, away from her loved ones and the son she however loved above all. Greg lives the situation with anger, but this drama opens the heart to all the Capwells, who finally accept him as a full member of the family.

Greg finally participates in the family activities, and even works for a while for the Capwell Enterprises which then know a serious crisis. At ease with himself, he also finally leaves free rein to his love affair with Emily, which turns into a serious romantic relationship with the weeks. So much so that Greg asks Emily to marry him and realizes his project the same year. He disappears with his young wife in early 1990, leaving behind him a family in which he has nevertheless always had trouble finding his place...

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