A lover of Paris

 TÚlÚ Loisirs, 1999

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His name probably does not tell you anything. His photo, however, should immediately refresh you the memory, especially you, ladies ! Hey yes ! This is well him, the superb male of the advertizing Diet Coke who put in fright all the secretaries of a service ! Today, Paul Johansson gave up his panoply of fop for a nice role of justiciary cop in Highlander : the Raven, at the side of the sculptural Elizabeth Gracen. We are delighted some more especially as the producers of the show decided to plant a part of the sceneries in Paris.

"I know your capital very well to have remained there ten time. I besides met my girlfriend here. She was parading for a dressmaker and, since, we often come in pilgrimage in your so beautiful town", he entrusts to us between two scenes. Cruel disillusion for all those who drank the fizzy beverage by expecting the divine appearance ! "One does not stop speaking to me about this advertizing. But I made other things !", he revolts.

After beginnings in Santa Barbara, he links TV dramas and sitcoms in the United States. One will especially remember his role in Beverly Hills 90210, where he played the aggressive boyfriend of Kelly (Jenny Garth). "She is a very nice girl and very pleasant to kiss. In fact, I did only that during one year. A job in gold", he confesses, in an enormous burst of laughter. We understand him...