Ethan Asher




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Identity   Interpreter

Raised by : Patrick Asher

Married to : Laura Simmons (1984-1990)


Former known girlfriends : Gina DeMott Capwell (1989-1990), Shannon Pressman (1990)

Profession : District attorney


Leigh J. McCloskey :
March 08 1989 (# 1160) to July 20 1990 (# 1507)


Perfect look-alike of Zack Kelton, the gynaecologist-rapist of Eden, Ethan Asher comes to replace Keith Timmons at the post of district attorney in March 1989. Upright and honest, he is accompanied by his wife Laura, with whom he finally wishes to start a family. He eventually understands her hesitations when he discovers that Laura has already had a son, Jamie, killed during a shooting between the policeman Michael Donnelly and a criminal named Leo Mitchell seven years ago. What he also ignores is that, since their arrival in Santa Barbara, Laura resumed her past love-affair with Michael. Ethan, jealous, then shows himself convinced of Michael's guilt when Leo Mitchell's body is found dead on the beach. But it turns out that his murderer is in fact Laura, who has acted in position of self-defense. So Ethan helps this latter to be acquitted, but his marriage arrives at its term.

Ethan besides meets Gina Capwell with whom he starts a secret affair, just to keep the appearances in front of the voter population. He falls deeply in love with her, until Laura discovers their affair. Ethan is then deceived par his wife who makes him believe that she is pregnant and, entangled in his uprightness and his moral sense, he ends up by breaking with Gina.

Ethan then turns out to be in the center of a big mystery, surrounding some other characters of the show, namely Craig Hunt, Derek Griffin and Stephen Slade. Ethan and these three men prove indeed to be all orphans and to have been raised with a girl named Cassandra Benedict, later adopted by the Capwells. But their intentions remain still mysterious.

Because Ethan is not done yet with Laura who, confined in a mental institution, tries to kill him repeatedly. After having just escaped a car accident fomented by Laura, Ethan ends up at the hospital. While coming back home, he makes a surprising meeting : his visiting nurse happens to be Shannon Pressman, the daughter of Frank Pressman, imprisoned for Cassandra Benedict's murder. He starts a love-affair with her and helps her father to be released from jail, persuaded that Cassandra's murderer  is one of the Capwells, in this particular case Mason. The four orphans don't hide themselves anymore and throw publicly their accusations against the Capwells. When Derek is arrested for having tried to kill Mason to avenge Cassandra, Ethan tries to bribe a judge to release him. But his plan fails and Ethan is arrested at his turn and thrown in prison, without being talked about again afterward...

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