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Complete name : Christine Anne DuVall

Year of birth : 1966 or 1967

Father : Willard DuVall

Mother : Theda Bassett


Brother and sister : Steve Bassett (step-brother), Mary DuVall

Former known boyfriend : Jess Young (1985)

Professions : Waitress at the Orient Express, baby-sitter


Tricia Cast :
May 13 1985 (# 203) to September 19 1985 (# 294)

It is thanks to Jade Perkins, whereas she waits for the bus, that we meet this little rebellious teenager, who left the family home to fly of her own wings. At the first look, Christie seems to be a smiling girl, a little carefree, always taking the life on the good side, and far from carrying the least burden on her shoulders...

Jade immediately sympathizes with her. Christie comes indeed to fill the emptiness of her friendly relation with Laken Lockridge, relation which get lost because of the good and bad days of her loves with the young Ted Capwell. It is with the greatest facility that Christie is incorporated in the small group, making her place between Ted, Laken and Jade. Quickly, her family comes to play a rather harmful role in her development. Fortunately, Jade and Ted's support will give her the force to resist to an alcoholic mother, Theda, and to a step-brother, Steve Bassett, who started to rape her whereas she was only 15 years old.

Until then without home and work, Christie finds both thanks to her friends. Jade proposes to her to move into the modest Perkins house, while waiting for the birth of Amy's baby. And Ted succeeds in making her hired, at the same time as him, in the very new restaurant of his sister, the Orient Express. Because he shows himself very more tender than Steve, and that especially he regards her as a whole person, Christie starts to be fond of the young Ted, who is at a turning of his life with his family, such as with his relation with Laken. Their relation has serious problems since Ted suspected Warren, Laken's brother, to be the murderer of Channing Capwell Junior.

And if Laken does not realize the future problems that Christie will generate, it is not the case of Steve. This last one, promoted new assistant of the Santa Barbara district attorney, fears that Christie does not speak about the facts which link them. Fearing to see his career exploding, he hunts her and tries to bring her back in the family nest. However, Christie succeeds at every attempt in pushing back the advances and the threats of her step-brother. Fired from the Orient Express because of her behavior, Christie finds work once again thanks to Ted. She becomes the new nanny of Brandon DeMott. Then taking fully part of the life of the Capwell family, Christie discovers the chance and happiness to belong to an united family.

Madly in love with Ted because he is concerned with her wellbeing, Christie wants just one thing : to make him break with Laken. She applies to that with force and facility, especially since with the return of Amy at her home, Christie settled in the Lockridge mansion. There, she sets to make her believe that Ted is not the young man with who she felt in love any more. While that, she tries to prove to Ted that if they fight so often, it is because they are not made the one for the other. And to discard them still more, she deliberately steals the bracelet that Ted bought for Laken as a sign of reconciliation. Because Christie thinks that he bought it for her. When Ted understands it, he obliges Christie to give it back to him. A violent argument explodes between them. Then Christie understands that Ted sees in her only a simple faithful and honest friend. Wounded in her self love, she scratches him on the cheek, before giving the bracelet back to him. She yields only because she fears to definitively loose Ted.

Right after this argument, Christie is joined at the beach bar by Steve. This one, who can not stand the Capwell name any more (he is in charge of the instruction of Channing Capwell Junior murder file), gets mad to see Christie being diverted of him to the profit of the young Ted. All his anger and his frustration refers then on the young woman. And while he tries to recover all the force of his influence on her, he lets explode his anger and he ends up raping her. He then gives her up, leaving her as dead, behind the juke-box. Found by Jade and Mary, her sister, Christie is led to the hospital. There, under the eyes of her family and Cruz, she murmurs on several occasions the name of Ted. Steve does not believe his eyes to be see the ideal culprit offered so easily. Obliged to lie to protect Ted of Steve's threats, Christie, at everyone's surprise, declares that Ted Capwell is her rapist. Moreover, she still carries under the nails the undeniable evidence of the crime...

After a lawsuit with multiple rebounds, Christie, however without naming the true rapist, ends up clearing Ted. Fearing for her and for Ted, she takes refuge in the former family mansion. There, she calls Ted to rescue her, when Steve comes to find her and make her pay her revelations. All three turn to be in the same room, Steve and Christie threatening themselves with a revolver. And by accident, a bullet is shot, and Christie kills her step-brother.

Once released of her torturer, Christie tries as she can to take again a normal life. But very quickly, she realizes that a ditch separates her from Ted now. Conscious that in Santa Barbara, her road came to an end, Christie takes again her bag on the shoulders and continues her way, towards a better world...

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