Angela Raymond




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Identity   Interpreter
Maiden name : Cassidy

Father : Governor Cassidy

Sister : Marilyn Cassidy


Married to : David Raymond (198?-1991)

Former known boyfriends : Warren Lockridge (1991-1992), Ted Capwell (1992), C.C. Capwell (1992-1993)

Profession : Curator of Angela Cassidy Gallery


Nina Arvesen :
July 23 1991 (# 1760) to January 13 1993 (# 2135)


Rather sure of herself and determined, in all the cases without states of heart, Angela Raymond is introduced to the televiewers as the wife of judge David Raymond, a friend of C.C. Capwell. This is by the intermediary of an article that he is writing for his newspaper, that she makes the knowledge of Warren Lockridge, with who she falls in love at once. The couple she forms with David is going to its end since now many years and each one knows that this is nothing more but a question of month before occures the divorce. What does not prevent Angela from being jealous when David tries (in vain) to seduce his colleague Julia Wainwright...

But it is in all the cases with Warren that Angela finds happiness. Until the evening when, awaked by the sound of a shot, she discovers on her balcony Warren, directing a rifle in the direction of the building welcoming all the jet set of Santa Barbara for a reception. Lies Amado Alvarez, died instantly, whereas the bullet was intended for Mason Capwell. Angela, at the beginning suspicious towards Warren, agrees to believe in his innocence. And whereas this one is arrested and put in prison, she decides to investigate on her own. By viewing one by one the photos taken at the party, she locates the only person missing at the time of the shot : Craig Hunt. She then tries to approach him to bring to light his culpability, but Craig understands her small play and obliges her to write a suicide letter where she must confess to be the murderer. But she is saved at the last moment by Cruz Castillo and Warren.

Whereas her divorce with David is finally pronounced, Angela can give free rein to her deep love for Warren. She opens for him a gallery to expose his journalism photos. But she also discovers very quickly a rival in Warren's heart in the person of Cassandra Benedict, his old great love. She even passes close to death when she almost eat some soup poisoned by Cassandra, become mad of jealousy. Angela finds then herself confronted with a drama of her past : the death of her sister Marilyn. Pushed over the edge by Cassandra who discovered the truth, Angela acknowledges to have been at the wheel when Marilyn had her fatal car accident some years ago. But Cassandra disppears from the city, and this secret with her.

Once the case settled, Angela can now concentrate completely in her passion : men ! Feeling neglected by Warren who is too much interested in her taste to young B.J. Walker, Angela gets closer to Ted Capwell. She leads him to forget his boredom with his fiancée Katrina Ruyker by starting a hot passion with him. She moreover often plays with him, even going one day to handcuff him to her bed, with no way to be released. Nevertheless still in love with Warren, Angela accepts his marriage proposal one evening of drunkenness. They are interrupted in front of the reverend by the arrival of Ted and Katrina, also come to get married. Both ceremonies are suspended, after a fight between both women.

On the way back, Angela is victim of a car accident caused by Ted and turns to be amnesic. C.C. Capwell invites her to spend her convalescence in the Capwell mansion, to the great displeasure of Ted, who finds himself stuck between Angela and Katrina at every hours of the day. She is led by Ted in Dallas in the hope that she finds her memory back. But they are both surprised in bed by Katrina, who followed them.

However, even once Ted free, Angela is not decided to settle down and to live a life with a single man. If Ted pretends to be interested in Lily Blake to make Angela jealous, this latter has already another target in mind : C.C., Ted's own father. Taking their relation very seriously, C.C. asks to Angela to marry him. Persuaded that Ted's story with Lily is serious, Angela resolves to forget him and accepts C.C.'s proposal. But she finally realizes that C.C. is still very in love with Sophia, his ex-wife and great love of his life. She finally prefers to break up, as a friend.

Ted having finally married Lily, Angela thus ends up alone and forlorn, without any indication on her future being revealed at the end of the show...

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