Nina Arvesen, the sexy superwoman

 By Alena Prime, TÚlÚ Star, 1995

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Sexy, Nina Arvesen is it since she was born ! Lastly, this is her who says it, but one can believe her. By playing Cassandra Hall in The Young and the Restless, she received as many letters than Lauralee Bell from fascinated admirers, hastened, ready to everything to meet her. Born in White Plaines, New York, from Norwegian origin, daughter of an ambassador, she explains that she was chosen by William Bell, the creator-producer of the show, simply because she had "a disconcerting physique". She then was a waitress in a restaurant after having begun on her arrival in Hollywood, in 1987, in the movie of Mankiewicz, Dragnet, with Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. The future hero of Philadelphia had chosen her himself for partner. She appears in the final scene on a Harley-Davidson, dressed as a cop with Tom Hanks behind her. The helmet off, her long fair hair falls on the shoulders. Very erotic. Then, after some mini-roles in episodes of TV shows, she went to castings for The Bold and the Beautiful. In vain. Arrived, for another test, with a skintight dress, not hiding anything, or almost, of her sculptural chest, Nina convinced William Bell, accustomed to the vamps of the Nineties, what makes say to his wife, also producer and full of humour, that he exerts "a dangerous job".

Not as much as Nina Arvesen who, once the glory came - she is one of the most famous actresses of TV shows in Hollywood -, hired a bodyguard for all her displacements. She wants to preserve the adress of her villa of dream, in Santa Monica, the best than she can. She had to give up one of her favorite hobbies : the roller skate along the beach of Venice and the golf close to Los Angeles. She is content, for her form, with one hour of gym each morning in the room installed in the basement. She swears that of her life - she is 33 years old - she never drank only one drop of alcohol, being content with a glass of milk at her waking and, all the day, nonsemi-sparkling water. She also adores the cocktail (fruit-vegetables) which she developed and baptized Nina. It just need to mixer a carrot, a banana, an apple, a pear, parsley and celery. Her friends appreciate. As much as the meals that she always prepares without meat. She holds these food practices from her mother who was "a very beautiful actress".

She gave up her career to follow her husband throughout the world, and in particular in Oslo, where he stayed a long time to work and where Nina spent a part of her adolescence. Norway remains her refuge when she wishes to escape from her fans. Direction Lillehammer, especially. She has even directed the film of the candidature of this town for the Olympic Games, but that year, it is Albertville, France, which was selected. Like she says : "We prepared the ground." Her father is from now on in charge of the polar affairs. Nina has two brothers to who she is very close - "we knew the same nomad childhood, from the United States to Egypt and Brazil, according to the jobs of my father". They live in Norway. One of them, Christian, is a specialist in special effects and he worked on Robocop and JFK. He also created a company of musical production. Enterprising, Nina is it also and she founded The Arvesen Group, to produce TV movies. Nina knows the businesses. In Norway, after having animated during three years a talk show, she managed a label of discs.

Nina, without taking herself for a superwoman, likes to go at the end of everything she undertakes. Her brother, Christian is diabetic. Well knowing the problems that it can create, she takes part in official receptions, conferences that organizes the American Diabetic Association. Many activities which do not prevent her from having a betrothed : Todd Curtis who plays Skip, the cousin photographer of Cricket in The Young and the Restless. They never had a scene to play together. They just crossed each other. Then, they knew each other better at a lunch organized by the fan club of The Young and the Restless. Todd offered a coffee to Nina and they did not leave each other since that. Together, they came to Paris for what they call "a honeymoon before the wedding". There, that was him her bodyguard !

Wearied of Cassandra in The Young and the Restless, Nina left the show in 1990, after three years of shooting : "I found her too young, naive, timid, reserved." She then became, in summer 1991, Angela in Santa Barbara, the wife of judge David Raymond (John Beck) and unfaithful. "My contract arrived at its term, I wanted to change. One then proposed to me a character at the opposite of Cassandra. Angela comes from a well-off environment. Her father is a governor. She is a very ambitious woman, who pushes her husband, a judge, to do politics. As much Cassandra is timid, reserved, anxious, as much Angela is funny, sure of herself, but one can not trust her very much". She would have well continued, but the show stopped in 1993.