Andrea Bedford




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1988

Father : Charles Bedford


Former known boyfriends : Harry Winslow (198?), Cain Garver (1988)

Professions : Secret agent, employed to bring back together separate Vietnameses families


Ally Walker :
January 07 1988 (# 863) to October 31 1988 (# 1072)


Despite all the sympathy which animates her, Andrea is on her arrival a character surrounded of secrets. Her first appearance is done on the beach of Santa Barbara, shortly after an oil slick. She comes to assist voluntary people who try to save the poisoned animals. It is there that she meets Cain Garver, who now works in Cruz Castillo's detectives agency.

Seeing that Andrea hides things to him, Cain suspects her one moment to be the Fox, this mysterious criminal that he tracks for several weeks. But the truth is very different : Andrea is in fact a former secret agent whose father, ambassador, had formerly been killed by the famous Fox. Following his trace for years, she knows that he now hides himself in Santa Barbara. After many rebounds, the Fox is finally arrested and turns to be Kathleen McDougall, a nurse from the hospital. Meanwhile, Andrea and Cain became close and Andrea decides to settle in town.

She is then hired by Major Phillip Halmilton in his long-term job to bring together Vietnameses families separated by the war. This is thus that Andrea discovers that Soo Li, Cain's war lover, had had a girl, Ming Li, and makes her come in Santa Barbara. But what she ignores, it is that Ming Li is in fact an actress that Major Hamilton pushes to make her separate from Cain. The major reproaches in fact to Cain the death of Soo Li, with who he had also been in love. When Andrea discovers Ming Li in the arms of Cain, she breaks with him. Major Hamilton then tries to seduce her, but Andrea is always in love with Cain.

Exhausted by Cain's constant agressive behaviour, Andrea decides to leave in San Diego for some weeks. When she comes back, she however refuses to live again with Cain, always subject to violent crisis.

After a new argument with him during the Halloween party organized by C.C. Capwell, Andrea is found on the beach, raped and murdered. Whereas Major Hamilton then Cain are first suspected, it is thereafter proved that the killer is Dr. Zack Kelton, also author of the rapes which shakes the town...

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