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Complete name : Amethiste Perkins

Date of birth : February 26 1960

Date of death : September 12 1986

Father : John Perkins

Mother : Marisa Perkins


Brother and sister : Joe Perkins, Jade Perkins

Married to : Brick Wallace (1985-1986)

Child : Johnny Perkins

Former known boyfriend : Jeff Barber (1984)

Professions : Secretary at Jeff Barber's real estate agency, Peter Flint's then Jack Lee's secretary, waitress at Buzz's Place


Kerry Sherman :
October 16 1984 (# 57) to April 18 1986 (# 439), August 25 1986 (# 527) to September 12 1986 (# 541)

Ann Wilkanson :
May 23 1985 (# 211) to May 24 1985 (# 212)


Cordial, decided, loving, it is thanks to all these human qualities and through a very realistic personality that the character of Amy Perkins succeeded in making adhere the public to one of the most eccentric intrigues of its history. Amy makes her entry in the big family of Santa Barbara in October 1984. She rejoins there her family at the time of the death-watch in memory of her brother Joe, who at the time lets people think he is dead. She is then very excited to tell everyone about her boss and fiancÚ, Jeff Barber, she awaits the arrival. However, she undergoes at that time his announce of rupture. But she does not need a long time to approach an inhabitant of Santa Barbara this time, Brick Wallace, the new driver of the Lockridges.

Learning that she is pregnant, Amy announces the news to Jeff she goes to see in San Francisco. However this one denies to be the father of the baby, even declaring that he is sterile. Amy then decides to raise the child on her own, keeping well herself, because of her independent and stubborn personality, to avow to Brick she only waits one thing : to form a family with him. Discovering that Jeff has been mysteriously murdered, Brick understands that the things are far from being as simple as they appear. At the beginning of 1985, Amy finally gives birth to a boy. But her doctor, Dr. Renfro, informs her a terrible news : the baby is dead. Persuaded that obviously someone tries to hide her the truth, Amy decides to investigate with the help of Brick and the lawyer Julia Wainwright.

But Amy is still far from arriving at the end of her surprises, discovering that are implied in the disappearance of her baby and her mysterious pregnancy not only her doctor Dr. Renfro, but also Parker Simonson and Jack Lee, her current boss (in fact his lookalike cousin, Jerry Cooper). Many clues finally complete to lead her on the island of New Stailand, a monarchy lost in a dark corner of Europe. There, it turns out that the king's son is none other than the father of her baby, by whom she was inseminated without her knowledge during an appointment with the gynecologist. Her baby is in addition present on the island, on the point to be named the new king ! After some little action, Amy can finally enjoy her happiness to be mother and find a certain stability in Santa Barbara with Brick and especially her son she names Johnny, in memory of her deceased father.

Who says certain stability says also marriage and thus Amy ends up marrying Brick in a marvellous pastoral decoration in the current of 1985. She also obtains job of waitress at Buzz's Place, the new beach bar. But it is there that happiness ends for Amy : whereas she is working, a fire (involuntarily initiated by the young Hayley Benson) devastates the bar and lets the poor Johnny orphan.

It is in memory of his wife that Brick repurchases what remains of Buzz's Place and creates Johnny's Place. A homage which, it is quite regrettable for Amy's merit, will be lost in the annals of the show...

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