The weddings of Santa Barbara
Santana Andrade and Cruz Castillo


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The wedding of Santana Andrade and Cruz Castillo has for origin a context which doomed it in advance to failure. In this beginning of 1986, Santana tries before anything else to get married, condition imposed by C.C. Capwell to obtain the custody of her natural son, Brandon. She thinks of having found the perfect one in Mason Capwell, but she realizes that this latter is too unstable to fill her and that no love will ever arise from their union. It is her old childhood friend Cruz Castillo who convinces her to give up this wedding, by suggesting her to marry him. Even if he does not feel a passionate love for her, he hopes that the feeling of friendship which unites them for several years will be enough as a foundation for their home (moreover, during Cruz's arrival in town in 1984, a wind of flirtation floated between them).

Cruz is at this precise moment distraught : he has just learnt that the love of his life, Eden, is pregnant by her husband, Kirk Cranston. He then understands that the chances so that she returns to him are thin, and he refuses to fight to break an upcoming family. So, when Santana announces him that she cancelled her wedding ceremony with Mason and that she agrees to marry him, Cruz has no reason to backtrack anymore. Santana suggests to Cruz not to wait and to go immediately to Ensenada, Mexico, where her cousin can marry them.

In Mexico, Santana and Cruz are welcomed by Helena, Rosa Andrade's sister, and Diego, who is a priest in a small church. Santana explains with sincerity to Diego the circumstances which led her to have to marry Cruz. But nevertheless Diego agrees to celebrate their union, when Santana promises him that she is profoundly in love with her fiancÚ. Diego makes sure that Cruz is a serious man and that he will respect the commitment which he is going to take. He agrees to unite them that very afternoon.

The ceremony, all in Spanish, takes place in the intimacy of the small church in the presence of the couple, Diego and Helena. Once united by the marriage bonds, Santana and Cruz refuse Helena's offer to overnight at their home and to organize a party for the event. They plan to go back immediately to Santa Barbara to find Brandon. But Diego convinces them to stay to spend the night in a small romantic hotel a few miles away from there. Santana and Cruz spend their honeymoon there, after having evoked the idea to have one day children in common.

But from the following morning, the magic of Ensenada evaporates in a phone call. While Cruz went out to run, Santana receives a call from Sophia Armonti who tells her that Eden is hospitalized further to a serious car accident. In spite of the awaited consequences, Santana informs Cruz about it, who decides to go to her bedside to clear up the circumstances of this drama. So comes to an end a little bit abruptly Santana and Cruz's honeymoon. They drive back to Santa Barbara and go to the hospital. Santana's happiness to announce to everyone her wedding is darkened by the confirmation that Cruz is always in love with Eden and that he is ready for everything for his beloved in spite of his promises.

Santana finally welcomes Brandon at her home, before settling down with him in Cruz's beach house a few days later. But she will go of disappointments to disappointments, in spite of Cruz's desire not to hurt her. Trapped between the memory of Eden and Gina Capwell's desire for revenge, more determined than ever to take back Brandon's custody, Santana quickly loses her balance. Slowly, she embarks into another reality, helped by Gina's drugs : ready for everything to keep Cruz, she will know many quarrels with Eden, an affair with Keith Timmons, and will even be at the origin of Eden's car accident (accident during which she will lose her child). The mutual love of Cruz for Eden being stronger than everything, this marriage doomed from the beginning to failure will end in a divorce the same year. Cruz will find his beautiful Eden, divorced from Kirk, whereas Santana will eventually leave Santa Barbara at the beginning of 1987, having lost the man she loves and thereby her little Brandon...


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