The university
Santa Barbara

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We discover the Santa Barbara university as from February 1987. At that time, Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad are on the run and, to escape the police, impersonate students at the university. It is moreover in the chapel of this institution that Victoria Lane and Mason Capwell celebrate a first wedding ceremony to allow Kelly to see her relatives again without district attorney Keith Timmons' knowledge.

The university makes its reappearance in summer 1991, when Eden Capwell, who then impersonates Suzanne Collier, intervenes to give of painting classes. It will then be necessary to wait until March 1992 to see again its premises, through Lily Blake who comes to attend her first class there. Very fast, we get acquainted with several of its students : Sawyer Walker, Elaine Barnowski, Lisa Fenimore and her friend Deanne, Rich Landers... Later Rafe Castillo and B.J. Walker will come to enrol and to attend a few classes. We know that Ted Capwell, Minx Lockridge and Abigail Beckwithe have all three been student of this faculty and have been a member of its students fraternities typical of the United States.

We know of the university the journalism classroom, occupied in 1992 by Professor Simon James, then by Warren Lockridge. Also the research laboratories, of which the one where Kelly and Jeffrey hide in 1987, participating in a little involuntary way in an experience which is going to move them closer.

Comes then the cafeteria, seen from 1991 with Eden / Suzanne. Of blue color, it looks well like a cafeteria of public university, with its plastic chairs and its bulletin boards filled with advertisements deposited by the students.

Last strategic site of the Santa Barbara university : the dormitories. While Lily and Lisa share a room in 1992, Sawyer seems to have his for him alone.