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Episode 460

In the guest house, Mark forces Mary to admit that she slept with Mason. Mary announces to Mark that she doesn't love him and that she wants a divorce. Mark doesn't accept this and wants to show her that he is now capable of being in a relationship. Mason arrives to search for Mary to drive her to the Capwell villa. Kirk receives a visit from a bailiff who gives him divorce papers on behalf of Eden. In the Orient Express, Cruz explains to Gina that he thinks that Kirk and Eden's blackmailer are the same person. He asks for her help to prove it, and reminds her that the typewriter proven to type the blackmail letters was found in her hotel room. Gina insists to speak to Eden, who she considers to be the only one capable of coming to terms with her. She hears that one of the Capwell girls reserved the presidential suite. She thinks that it is Eden and goes there. Cruz sends policemen to the Capwell Hotel in search of Gina. Hayley refuses to give Gina the revolver that she asked for. Nick doesn't know where to find Kelly. Afterwards at the presidential suite, Dylan threatens Kelly with his weapon. He tries to force her to embrace him. She tries to avoid him and pushes him back. Dylan moves back against the window of the room which breaks under his weight...

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Episode 461

Mason offers Mary to marry him. But Mark intervenes and asks Mary to go back to the guest house to speak to him about it. Dylan is lying on the pavement in front of the entrance of the Capwell Hotel. Gina, who thought she would find Eden in the presidential suite, discovers shell-shocked Kelly. She finds Dylan's weapon. In the linen room behind the two-way mirror, she finds the camera which was installed to watch the room some days prior. She takes the tape without knowing what it contains. With Hayley, she goes to the coach station and hides the tape in a locker in the luggage office. Kirk arrives and she pretends to go on a coach for San Diego and says goodbye to Hayley. Nick finds Kelly in the presidential suite and discovers Dylan outside the broken window. On the pavement, Kelly remains shocked and suddenly sees Dylan being transformed into Peter. Dylan tells his brother that he loves him, as well as Kelly, and dies in his arms. C.C. and Ted drive Kelly to the Capwell villa. Mason tries to make her speak, and Kelly tells them that she saw Peter. Mason tries to make her understand that Peter has been dead for more than a year. Nick arrives to see Kelly. Kirk discovers that Gina made light of him. He goes to see Hayley to see if she will tell him where she hid. In the guest house, after some drinks, Mark tries to force Mary to make love with him...

Last appearance in the series of Peter Flint and of Dylan Hartley.

Episode 462

Mark rapes Mary. Barely recovered, Mary goes to the Capwell residence, but says nothing to Mason. She asks for Mother Isabel in whom she confides. Kelly contacts Nick thinking that she is speaking to Joe. Nick asks Mason to send for Justin. Cruz is sent to question Kelly, but the prosecutor asks him to stop. Kelly appears in front of the judge. She blends the events of the party, speaking about Nick and Dylan as Joe and Peter. The judge decides to refuse the request of bail and, against C.C.'s opinion decides to get a psychiatric valuation of Kelly. Gina finds Eden's trace in a home near a cliff. She confirms to her that it was Kirk who blackmailed her and who tried to kill her. Eden doesn't understand how Kirk could force Gina to try to kill her. Gina tells her about the tape containing Kirk's admissions. She offers to give it to her for immunity for the confessions which she is ready to make. She tells her that it was her who disconnected C.C.'s life support machine, and that Kirk always knew. Eden is shocked. Kirk manages to find their trace. By a window, he notices them listening to the tape of his admissions...

Episode 463

Sophia discovers in the newspaper that Kelly was arrested for murder. She decides to get out of the hospital to go there. Lionel is surprised to see Sophia and Augusta having lunch together in the Orient Express. He asks them for an explanation, when suddenly Sophia feels faint. Pearl is persuaded that the mysterious "L.L." in Madeline's agenda is Lionel Lockridge. With Courtney's help, he manages to hide Lionel's agenda. Julia and Pearl discover that Lionel erased the appointments in there with Madeline after her death. Eden listens to the tape of Kirk's admissions in a continuous loop. She comes back on her promise made to Gina not to lodge a complaint against her. Gina threatens her then with a revolver and leaves with Eden's car. But Kirk had cut the brakes, and the car is gliding from the top of a cliff. Kirk finds Eden and threatens her with a gun. Eden manages to escape from the home, being followed by Kirk. Cruz arrives there and finds the gun, as well as the tape of admissions. Eden runs up to Aqualand, which is closed for the day. She thinks she is safe, when suddenly, like a wild animal jumping on his prey, Kirk dives on her from a footbridge...

Cruz says that Eden is at the cliffhouse at the end of Overlook Drive.

Episode 464

Justin finds Nick in the Orient Express after Dylan's funeral. Mark joins Mary in the Capwell residence. He implies that Mary was consenting during their sexual encounter. Confused, Mary tells Mark that she never wants to see him again. Called immediately by Mother Isabel, Mason rushes up and tries to find out from Mary what happened there. Augusta and Lionel drive Sophia to the hospital. Lionel questions Sophia, who ends up confessing to him that she was operated on for cancer. But she asks him not to repeat anything to anyone. She then goes to the psychiatric hospital where Kelly is under observation. C.C. discovers that his daughter is persuaded that she has just killed Dylan and that Joe is still alive. Justin arrives to speak to Kelly, before leaving to go to Nick's place. Kelly refuses to remember Dylan, and takes Nick for Joe. Pearl questions Lionel, who swears to him that he didn't know Madeline. Kirk follows Eden through Aqualand. He catches her finally at the edge of the tank with the sharks and threatens to throw her into it...

Ronan O'Casey, the actor who plays Kelly's psychiatrist in this episode, is credited in the ending credits under the name of Ronan Morrill. It is probably a confusion with Priscilla Morrill, the actress who plays Mother Isabel. The actor will come back as from episode 1016 to play another character, Father Michael Donnelly's bishop.
Note that Stephen Meadows is credited in the role of Peter Flint (under the name of Steve Meadows), while he doesn't appear in this episode.

Episode 465

Mary refuses to confide in Mason. She packs her suitcases to leave for some days to think. Justin is shocked that Kelly's new psychiatrist, Dr Rawlings, chooses to put her under medical treatment. Facing Nick, drugged, Kelly continues thinking that she is talking with Joe. The prosecutor Tony Patterson goes to see Justin. He announces to him that it is his last day as a prosecutor, but he demands that he tells him what Kelly told him about Dylan. Justin refuses, using the excuse that he is her psychiatrist and therefore subjected to privacy. At the arrival of the police, Justin gives Nick all the tapes which he recorded of his exchanges with Kelly, so that he destroys them. Ted is informed that Eden's car was found abandoned. He goes there with Hayley. A pocket mirror was found, and Hayley recognises that it belongs to Gina. In Aqualand, Eden manages to avoid Kirk. In the buildings, she manages to operate an alarm. Cruz hears the alarm from the cliff house. He runs there, just as Kirk throws Eden with her hands tied into the tank with the sharks. Cruz knocks Cruz out and jumps into the water. He manages to get Eden out of the tank. But barely standing, Kirk waits for them with a weapon in his hand...

First appearance in the series of Dr. Rawlings.

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Episode 466

Mason recovers the photos rigged by David and by his mistress. Followed by Pearl, he goes to a hotel room where he meets Sheila Carlyle, the woman in the photos. David's business partner, Sheila denies having had a relationship with David. She explains to him that she was furthermore in Italy the day of Madeline's death. With Mason, Pearl knocks on the door of the room. Sheila is recognised by them. Julia questions the detective who gave the photos to Mason: he recognises Lionel officially as being the man who joined Madeline regularly at the motel. Tony Patterson arrests Justin. Nick secretly listens to all the tapes of exchanges between Kelly and Justin. He decides to give them to Patterson in exchange for Justin's release. But the prosecutor realises that some tapes are missing. Dr Rawlings announces to Justin that he puts an end to his psychiatry lessons at boarding school. In Aqualand, Kirk gets ready to pull the trigger on Eden and Kirk when Gina comes into sight. A quick fight occurs and a gunshot is blazed. Gina collapses on the ground. Cruz just has the time to call for back-up, before Kirk finds his trace in a delivery room where Eden and Cruz are hiding. Kirk forces the door and shoots Cruz in the shoulder. Eden and Cruz hide in an air vent. Gina is helped by the sheriff's men. Hayley, Ted, then C.C. arrive there. Kirk surprises Eden and Cruz, and a fight occurs in a tunnel between both men. Kirk is about to stun Cruz with a stone...

First appearance in the series of Sheila Carlyle and last appearance of Tony Patterson.
Frank Schuller, the actor who plays Sheriff Thomas Woods, will come back in episode 754 to play another character, Ralph Chandler.

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Episode 467

Mason leaves with Mary to the mountains to discuss their love again. Sheila Carlyle proves to be an old friend of Pearl, in the days when he was still called Michael Bradford III. Pearl persuades Julia that Sheila has nothing to do with Madeline's murder. Julia follows David to his hotel room and confesses to be attracted to him. Cruz gains the upper hand in the fight between him and Kirk. Eden intervenes to prevent him from drowning Cruz in the tunnel basin. Kirk is arrested by the policemen. He admits his faults facing C.C., but decides to make Gina fall also. He makes her reveal in front of everybody that it was her who disconnected C.C.'s life support. Santana insists that Gina is also arrested. But Eden stands up for Gina, by reminding them that she saved her life in the boathouse and even a bit earlier during the day. C.C. who is not ready to let her be free, reminds everyone that Gina tried to kill him not once, but twice...

Episode 468

On Eden's insistence, C.C. agrees not to take action against Gina. Santana is shocked. In counterpart, C.C. announces to Gina that she will have never again have the chance to recover Brandon. At Pearl's place, Courtney hears a telephone ring, but the phone seems invisible. She follows Pearl, who gets out of the shower, without her knowing in his secret flat. Pearl, entirely naked, hides behind a picture, before showing his nakedness in front of Courtney. She discovers Pearl's other secret life. David embraces Julia, before being interrupted by a call from Sheila. Julia discovers shortly after David left his hotel. She finds his trace in Sheila's room. David promises not to lie to her anymore and tells her that he loves her. Eden joins Cruz at the police station. She tells him that she gives way to despair to be alone while he is married. Cruz asks her not to speak about it anymore, now that nothing will ever be able to happen between them...

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Episode 469

Julia wakes up in the bed with David. He entrusts her that he would be ready to leave the country if she decides not to be his lawyer anymore. Julia asks Pearl to search Lionel's yacht in search of evidence. Pearl complies, but he is surprised by the arrival of Augusta and Lionel. He squeezes outside discreetly, but Lionel sees him. On his return home, Lionel waits for him in the secret part of his flat. Kelly is committed to the psychiatric service of Dr Rawlings. C.C. leaves his daughter with reluctance, alone and lost. Prevented from getting into contact with Kelly, Nick and Justin decide to visit the service in search of information. But a security guard sees them. Gina views the tape which she took from the Capwell Hotel for the first time. Not seeing the weapon on the screen, she deducts from it that Kelly didn't act in self-defence. In the court, the new prosecutor lets Cruz take Kirk's deposition. Kirk sends Santana to recover an object in the Capwell residence. Santana obeys him and finds Eden's engagement ring from Cruz. Eden lets Kirk go to prison...

First appearance in the series of Keith Timmons.
It will be necessary to wait for episode 843 before seeing Kirk Cranston again, interpreted by Joseph Bottoms again.
F.J. O'Neil, who plays of Martin, Kirk's lawyer, in this episode, will come back as from episode 970 to play another character, Sam Hastings.