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Identity   Interpreter
Married to : Dr. Priscilla MacIntosh Rawlings (19??-198?)

Profession : Psychiatrist, chief of psychiatric medicine at the hospital


Ben Piazza :
May 26 1986 (# 465) to August 28 1986 (# 530)


It is to cure her of her psychological trauma after Dylan Hartley's death that Kelly Capwell is sent within the asylum managed by Dr. Rawlings. Authoritarian and secret man, Dr. Rawlings seems very fast not to have only good intentions towards Kelly and towards his other patients.

First of all, he refuses categorically all the visits of her family and friends. Nick Hartley, Kelly's fiancÚ whom this one does not moreover recognize, asks for the help of Dr. Justin Moore to make sure of her state. Justin, resident psychiatrist, pass for a patient and lets himself being locked in the asylum. He watches over Kelly, until he is recognized and thrown out by Dr. Rawlings. Then comes Pearl Bradford's turn to infiltrate the establishment, this time at Justin's request. Pearl has for other ambition to discover what happened to his brother, Brian, formerly treated by the same psychiatrist. Besides refusing the nevertheless beneficial visits to Kelly, Dr. Rawlings puts in an authoritarian way all his patients under medication, trying in reality only to keep them locked and to enjoy through them his need for domination. He does not hesitate to bring in henchmen looking as mobsters to find by himself his patients who sometimes escape.

Dr. Rawlings feels his secret cracking when he realizes that Pearl is not a sick person, but that he feigns his insanity. He is within an ace of making him undergo electric shocks before this latter escapes with Kelly. He finds their track with his ex-woman, whom he bits to prevent her from talking to Pearl.

Finally, Dr. Rawlings finds Pearl's track in Boston, in the basement of the church where he buried Brian alive. Rawlings delivers then his secret : he has never attended medicine school and possesses no license. It is because Brian had discovered it that he reserved him this sinister fate. Fortunately, Brian will turn out to be alive. Whereas Dr. Rawlings will end, as for him, in prison. While seeing his past histories, a place in a psychiatric hospital would have been perhaps more appropriate...

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