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Episode 330

In a sunny clearing, Amy and Brick get married, encircled with Marisa, Kelly and with several friends. Brick is delighted to see his parents reconciling. Dylan discovers that Janice used the flour which Nick had hidden the film with the photo of the map, to make a cake. He saves this from the oven. With Sam, he goes to Nick's flat and develops the photo from the camera. Janice tells Dylan that she was kept for photos of her naked. With Warren's idea, she goes to the hospital and asks Nick to be her photographer. Carlo installs a camera in Nick's hospital room to spy on his discussions. Nick phones Kelly in her flat, when Carlo's men enter it to be taken to Dylan and Sam. Kelly hangs up immediately and, hidden in the camera, she gets the photo of the map. Cruz learns that the fingerprints on the plug of C.C.'s machine were Mason's and Eden's. Cruz searches Kirk's chute and finds Eden's pink dress there. It is missing a piece which corresponds to the one that he took from the window of C.C.'s room. Sophia phones Kirk's place and informs Eden that Cruz had joined her to question her. Eden, thrown into a panic, escapes the flat and, after visiting her father, goes to the beach home. Cruz finds her there. After a long silence, he asks her where she was when C.C.'s life support machine was disconnected...

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It will be necessary to wait for episode 359 before seeing Marisa Perkins again.
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Episode 331

Amy and Brick go on Cruz's boat house for their honeymoon. Mason questions Mary to find out who she saw in C.C.'s room the evening of the drama. Mary knows that he is suspecting Eden, but she refuses to confirm anything to him. In the private hospital, she is surprised to have a set meal with her favourite milkshake delivered. She wonders how Mason could know about her pleasures when she was younger. But it proves to be that the present came from Mark, an old friend, who then joins her in the private hospital. Kelly manages to avoid Carlo's men. She escapes the city with the photo of the map, and leaves to take refuge in ghost town. At the hospital, Dylan hears Kelly saying by phone to Nick where she is going. But Carlo's men spy on them from the building opposite and hear their conversation. Nick feels faint and has to have surgery. Facing Cruz, Eden denies having gone to the Capwell residence after the party in the Orient Express. At the police station, Pearl visits Cruz. He tells him that he saw Eden in the arms of a man going up to a flat that evening. He swears that it was after 10:00 p.m., long after the end of the party. Eden entrusts Kirk that she knows that Cruz guessed that she is lying. She thinks that everything is finished between them. Cruz joins her in her father's room and gives her a new chance to make a confession. But Eden continues denying and leaves the room...

First appearance in the series of Dr. Mark McCormick.
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Episode 332

Mary introduces Mason to Mark. She passes the day shopping with him and learns about the recent divorce. Brick hits the headlines of the Santa Barbara Tribune because of the complaint from the Lockridge's against him. This cover causes harm during maintenance for an accountant's job. Mason asks Cruz to arrest Eden. Cruz gets the moulding of a trace of the shoe found on the front of the window of C.C.'s room after the attempted murder. He asks Pearl to find the specific shoe in Kirk's flat, persuaded that he is the owner.  Pearl goes there and begins searching Kirk's wardrobe, when Eden arrives. He locks himself in the cupboard. Sam goes up on Carlo's yacht and threatens him with his revolver if he doesn't leave Kelly and Dylan alone. But Carlo tells him that he has already sent his men to ghost town. Dylan was indeed betrayed by a pump attendant at the petrol station. In ghost town, Kelly hides the map in a barrel with grains. She suddenly sees a vehicle arriving in the distance. She tries to leave again with her car, but a rat ate cables under the bonnet and prevents her from starting it. Kelly sets up booby traps on the road and the car that arrives bursts one of its tyres. She hides in a barn and lays sandbags to deter the man following her...

Episode 333

Cruz removes the nail which tore a piece of Eden's dress from the window in C.C.'s room. Kirk joins Eden in his flat. Pearl, still hidden in the cupboard, hears Eden taking the blame for having disconnected the machines of her father. He uses his departure to escape and to take Kirk's shoe to Cruz. Cruz compares it with the moulding of the footprint found in front of C.C.'s room, it corresponds. Stunned Pearl also repeats what he heard. Eden goes to recover her last belongings on Cruz's boat. She returns her key and her engagement ring to him. Cruz is distraught. He then goes to the coach station and leaves evidence against Eden in a locker. Mary bears a grudge against Mason to have forced her to confess to him that she thought she recognised Eden leaving by the window the evening of the drama. Mason goes to see Kirk and tells him that Mary identified Eden. Kirk hastens to assure Mary that she willy-nilly made a mistake, swearing that he stayed with Eden all night long. On the yacht, Carlo regains the upper hand on Sam. The man who joined Kelly in the barn is Dylan. Kelly refuses to tell him where she hid the map. Three henchmen connected to Carlo go up to ghost town with motorbikes. But Kelly and Dylan, whose vehicles are immobilised, have no means to run away...

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Episode 334

Amy gets a job as a waitress in Buzz's bar. Brick, who has still missed a job interview, disapproves of the fact that she works and abandons Johnny. Mason asks Kirk to organise the transfer of the leadership of the Capwell Firms to him instead of Eden before the evening or he will go to report Eden to the prosecutor. Pearl asks for a payment of 10 000 dollars from Kirk: offering to manifest that he saw him carrying Eden in his arms up to his flat before 10 pm, therefore before C.C.'s machine was disconnected. Kirk pays him and Pearl makes a sworn statement. He explains to Cruz that he acts to help him to protect Eden. Kirk comes to find Mason and shows him Pearl's evidence, which exonerates Eden. Mason gives presents and a romantic meal to Mary to be excused for having used her. In ghost town, Kelly and Dylan tighten a rope on all breadth of the main road. At the arrival of the three bikers, Dylan starts to run to send for them in his direction...

First appearance in the series of Buzz.

Episode 335

Rosa is worried about the state of Brandon. She goes to the Lockridge residence and asks Lionel to welcome him there for a while, to the great displeasure of Augusta. To tranquilize Gina's passion towards him, Mason decides to confess to her that he is in love with Mary. But barely speaking with her Gina assumes that it is her that he is in love with. Very thrilled, she organises a trip to Paris for the two of them. Mason doesn't dare to contradict her. After talking with Mary, Kirk learns that the person whom she saw passing by C.C.'s window can't be Eden. He announces to Eden that he thought of a witness giving him an alibi for the evening of the drama. Eden guesses that he had to pay a powerful price for this. In ghost town, three bikers undertake a manhunt after Kelly and Dylan. They manage to avoid their shots and be able to hide across the abandoned city. They go up to one of the motorbikes and Dylan starts it. But one of the bikers manages to keep Kelly, who he takes as a hostage facing Dylan...

Episode 336

Mark helps Mary at the health centre. Suddenly, he disappears before an intervention. Without telling Mary, he goes to the morgue, to identify the body of a woman who proves to be not who he believed. Mary sees Mother Isabel, the head of her old convent, in the private hospital, who has come to visit her. Kelly avoids three bikers. She gets on the back of Dylan's motorbike, but the couple overturns by sliding in front of Carlo's car, which has just arrived. Dylan is taken by the men. Carlo tortures him, by claiming the map towards the gold mine. Kelly, plays hide and seek with Carlo's henchmen across the city, then intervenes to save Dylan by offering to give the map to Carlo. The district attorney Patterson asks Cruz to obtain results in the inquiry into the attempted murder on C.C., where he will entrust the affair to another policeman. In spite of Mason's suspicion, Cruz persuades himself, by listening to Eden speaking to her father, that she is innocent. He puts together a hypothesis which would make Gina suspicious...

First appearance in the series of Mother Isabel.

Episode 337

Mark entrusts Mary that he married Wendy a month after their meeting. Madly in love with her, he has never accepted that she left him without leaving an address, and this is why he thought he would find her in the morgue. Kelly drives Carlo and his men up to the barrel in which she hid the map. Dylan manages to stun the henchmen, but Carlo takes Kelly hostage. To release her, Dylan confesses that he has already recovered the map and gives it to Carlo. Carlo leaves ghost town with his men. After dark, Kelly and Dylan lie down under the only available cover to be warm. When he learns from Sam what happened to Kelly, Nick decides to go there with him. He finds Kelly and his brother embraced on the ground, under the cover. Cruz phones Gina, who has just left for Paris, to prove her alibi for the evening of the drama. At the Lockridge residence, he questions Brandon who confirms that his mother came back from the party at the Orient Express before 10 pm. Cruz thinks now that Kirk could be lying to cover himself to have tried to kill C.C.. Kirk goes to find Eden in the Capwell residence. He tells her that he loves her and kisses her, before leaving again...

Last appearance in the series of Carlo Alvarez.
John Novak, who plays one of Carlo's men, will become as from episode 1592 the third interpreter of the character of Keith Timmons.
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Episode 338

Brick plays the househusband all day long with Johnny. He doesn't dare to confess to Amy that because of his judicial problems with the Lockridge's, he doesn't have any money. Augusta visits Sophia in the gazebo of the guest house at the Capwell residence and accuses her of trying to get back together with Lionel. Sophia explains this to Lionel and gets ready to leave the city. Mason is worried to see Mary avoiding him. He proves to be clumsy bearing a grudge talking with her. Kirk discovers that the pair of shoes that he wore the evening of the drama has disappeared. While he questions him at Buzz's place, Cruz supposes that he left a footprint whilst breaking and entering at the home. He tells him that they correspond to traces found on the soil under the window of C.C.'s room. Kirk invents a history to explain what happened in front of this window in the afternoon drama, but that he didn't come to the Capwell residence after the party...

Episode 339

Nick criticises Dylan for having drawn Kelly away in a dangerous adventure. But both brothers end up being reconciled. Sophia writes a goodbye letter to her children. Kirk informs Eden that he had to lie to Cruz. So, when Cruz finds Eden to question her, she repeats the lie used by Kirk to justify the footprints found in front of the window of C.C.'s room. But she suspects that Cruz knows that she lied to him. Cruz questions Mary once again about the events of the evening of the drama. Mary suddenly remembers that Mason disappeared for some minutes during the night to search for a bottle of wine in the cellar. Cruz questions Mason on this subject, who angrily replies to him that it is ridiculous to suspect him instead of Eden. Gina comes back from Paris, with bags filled with new dresses. Mary asks Mother Isabel for advice about her relationship with Mason. Mother Isabel makes her become aware that Mason must be jealous of the time which she spends with Mark lately. Mary runs to find Mason and apologises for her behaviour by jumping into his arms and kissing him. Gina gives a jewel to Mason, thinking that he is in love with her. But Mason finally has the courage to tell her that there is a misunderstanding and that it is Mary with whom he is in love with, and in a reciprocal way. Kirk asks Eden to marry him. He gives her a huge ring and asks her to think...

It will be necessary to wait for episode 447 before seeing Mother Isabel again.
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