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Episode 2130

Mason backs up Gracie in the meeting with the adoptive parents for her baby. But Gracie seems to show racism towards the mixed couple, who are however more stable than her. Mason persuades her not to let her prejudices gain the upper hand. Rafe enters his home and finds Lisa unconscious on the floor. He fights with Rich, who tried to rape her, and knocks him to the floor then calls for help. Upon her waking in her hospital bed, Lisa confesses to Rafe that she has never been pregnant and that she also lied to him about their marriage, which is not lawful. Rafe is devastated. Gina goes with Lionel to Lily and Ted's hotel room, upset at the idea that they have difficulties in sleeping together during their honeymoon. She gives Lily negligees and accessories to help Ted's libido. When Lily and Ted meet in the bed, they prefer playing cards, until finally, they dare to make love for the first time together...

Last appearance in the series of Rich Landers.

Episode 2131

Lionel arranges so that Gina and he miss their plane to go back to Santa Barbara, to spend their holiday in a little more sun. In the hospital, Sophia wakes up with Kelly and C.C. at her bedside. Jodie goes to see Reese and discovers that he is in brave company with Andi. She leaves him and goes to see Micah, who is alone at home for the night. Andi confesses to Reese that she was the nurse of Ken's first two wives. In his cell, Ken proclaims his innocence, even though he admits in front of Connor to have drugged Sophia to have free field with the Armonti Firms, but without the intention of killing her. He swears to be in love with her. Whilst thinking, he is persuaded that it is Andi who is responsible of the death of his first wife and of the poisoning of Sophia. Even if he doubts his statements, Connor sends for Andi at the police station. Andi uses this time to pour some poison into the tea sachet intended for Ken...

Episode 2132

Jodie and Micah make love at home. She tells him that he is only the second man with whom she made love with including Reese. Julia and Mason draw the plans of their new home. Gracie invites each of them for a discussion and, helped by Samantha, sees herself there already in good standing with her baby to be born. Kelly and Connor explain to Sophia that Ken is in prison because he tried to kill her. But she refuses to believe it. Angela becomes aware that C.C. is still very tied to Sophia and seems to have decided to put an end to their history. The officer Jerry brings Ken the tea which Andi poisoned for him. While he tells him that he told everything to the police about Sophia, Ken drinks his glass of tea. He accomplishes his error when Andi tells him that he should have never spoken to the police and that because of it he is going to die. Ken understands it is too late and that Andi has poisoned his tea and collapses on the floor. Andi waits for the drug to take effect and calls for help. Connor arrives and finds Ken's lifeless body...

Episode 2133

Andi tries in vain to recover the tea sachet in Ken's cell. Reese walks Andi back home, and discovers a plane ticket for Geneva there. Understanding that he cannot have a future with Reese and her as long as Jodie is alive, she plans to eliminate him. Aurora and Sawyer find Jodie and Micah embraced. Sawyer is taken to Micah, but Jodie tries to reason with him by explaining to him that further to his father's decision, everything is finished between them. Aurora, as for her, takes this relationship in a positive way. Connor asks Micah what poisons can cause the death of a man appearing to look like a heart attack. C.C. tells Sophia about the death of Ken. He accompanies her to the morgue where Sophia says goodbye to her spouse...

Last appearance in the series of Ken Mathis.

Episode 2134

Rafe decides to leave Lisa definitely. He packs his suitcases, then says goodbye to her. Upon his return from the honeymoon with Lily, Ted finds a letter which Rafe left for Lily. He opens it and discovers that he asks her to join him on the beach in afternoon to run away with him. Ted hands the letter nonetheless to Lily, who reads it with her mother Gina. Ted fears that Lily will leave with Rafe. On the beach, Lily announces to Rafe that is not going with him, Ted being her future currently. Rafe leaves the city alone, while Lily and Ted meet in the Capwell villa. Julia and Mason discuss Gracie's request to adopt her baby. Mason is against this idea, they end up deciding to refuse her offer. B.J. and Warren isolate themselves in a hotel out of town to write. In the corridors of the hotel, B.J. falls under the spell of a wedding dress which belonged in the past to actress Carole Lombard. Secretly, Warren buys it at auction and, on his return, he asks B.J. again to marry him. She agrees to unite with him there the next day...

Last appearance in the series of Rafe Castillo.
The ending credits appear in front of B.J. and Warren, a sunset, and the ocean.

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Episode 2135

Sophia gets out of the hospital and C.C. drives her to the villa so that she has a rest. Gina enjoys to inform Angela about it and making her understand that C.C. will never love another woman as passionately as Sophia. Relinquished, Angela chooses to part from C.C.. Giovanni comforts Lisa after the departure of Rafe. Reese questions Andi about the trip to Switzerland. But since she becomes confused in contradictions, Reese understands that she lies to him. He announces that he has no intention of continuing his relationship with her, which causes Andi a true crisis of hysteria. Connor accepts Ken's autopsy report: he died from continuation of a cerebral attack, and from no heart attack as asserted. Micah confirms the existence of some drug, Analanthin, which after an injection can pass unobserved and draws certain death away. Micah knows that the only country where it is possible to find this drug is Switzerland. Connor examines the sachet of Ken's tea and the analysis confirms the presence of Analanthin. Currently with Andi's guilt, Reese and Connor go home and find his vandalized flat. Andi goes to see Micah and finds Jodie there with the firm intention of finishing it with her...

Last appearance in the series of Angela Raymond, Lisa Fenimore and Giovanni DeAngelis.

Episode 2136

After reflexion, Gina explains to Lionel that she has the intention of divorcing. She thinks that she is not a good person for him. Lionel makes her understand the force of his love, and that a long life of happiness for the two awaits for them. Kelly explains to Connor that she always dreamt to be Eden. Connor takes a bet and gives Kelly Cruz's telephone number in Mexico. But Kelly ends up burning it, proving to Connor that she turned over a new leaf. Jodie is not in the mood to support the slightest debate with Andi, all the more she is waiting for Micah. Andi uses Reese's arrival to poison Jodie's meal and to escape. Reese overturns all the dinner prepared by Jodie so that she poisons herself. On Micah's arrival, Reese puts handcuffs on his wife and takes her with him to watch over her safety. A call from Sawyer tells Jodie and Reese that B.J. and Warren have to get married the next day at the Vista Del Mar hotel in Laguna Beach. Jodie asks Micah to accompany her to their wedding. Andi then goes back to Micah's and finds the co-ordinates of the place where the ceremony is going to take place. Tradition obliges, B.J. asks Warren to sleep on the floor on the eve of the marriage. B.J. finds his old demons: Frank and his abuses. While she dreams that she is making love with Warren, his face is suddenly transformed into that of Frank's. In this nightmare, Frank gets up and strikes Warren down. B.J. intervenes between them: she is not afraid of him anymore, with him not having a hold of her anymore. At the end of this battle, she asks Warren to make love with her...

Last appearance in the series of Frank Goodman.

Episode 2137

It is party day in Santa Barbara while, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the ultimate wedding of the show is going to be celebrated : the one of B.J. Walker and Warren Lockridge...

The reunion of C.C. and Sophia
In the decorated gardens, C.C. Capwell goes for a walk alone. He stops close to an old fountain (not without reminding us of the one that sat enthroned in the centre of the atrium, in the first version of the villa), throwing coins into it. The leader of the Capwell clan appears for the first time of his life ready to lower arms, to see the rest of hope which he still has. And if he throws a coin into the fountain, it is indeed so that his most expensive wish comes true: that everything appears like it was before...
Sophia, in a formal dress green and golden, having noticed him that moment, slowly goes up to him. Sophia who had C.C. Capwell at her fingertips, is capable of reading him and learns the deep distress which plagues him. Teasing him at first, she declares that to give in facing events is either not in his nature, or in his habits. C.C. admits this and confesses that he will have to learn, in despair of Sophia.
Sophia then questions C.C. on what he is searching for in the fountain. C.C. is allowed to go and dares to tell Sophia that he regrets not being able to take back the time, these moments when everything was in order, where she and he lived for each other. Today, C.C. admits that in spite of all their efforts, they could not stay together. Then what's the point to hope! Sophia does not share his point of view: she is there to manifest all her love, which this love has never stopped existing in spite of their disputes, other meetings. Sophia explains to him that she regrets all this lost time, all these moments when they were not together, and that today she is ready to become his wife again. Filled up with joy, C.C. kisses Sophia, by wishing her a good return home, before kissing her, so loving just like the first day.

Gracie facing her future
Sitting on the bed in her room, Julia is reading the instructions of pregnancy test.  She is obliged to hide them when Mason comes out of the bathroom. Fortunately, the entrance of Gracie comes to create diversion. On the point of giving birth, she comes to announce to Mason and Julia of her fears about her baby to come. She would like for Julia and Mason to adopt her. If Julia does not object to this idea, she explains to Gracie that the decision must come from Mason and from her. She cannot only choose them, because it would not be fair.
Conscious that she will not be able to give her baby the same life as the one that Samantha Capwell knows, Gracie hates herself for it. She would like to give her child better, and she is not either rich, or clever. Julia, who understands fears the anxiety of the future mother, tries to comfort her with the biggest of secrets: love is the only and true wealth which counts, the only wealth to be given as pleasure to a child, a loved child does not need anything else.
Terrified at the idea of staying alone, Gracie would like that Mason and Julia stay with her. It is while she begins feeling the first pains, sign of the imminent arrival of her child. Gracie shouts out her pain while, facing her, Julia follows her tirelessly, explaining to Gracie that she has already used this trick and that, this time, it will not work. Julia tries to reassure Gracie so much that herself, by saying that if it was true, she has no reason to shout, since there is a person here who knows what to do in such a situation. Then, realising that Gracie is not playing, Julia rushes for the door and shouts for help, and informs Mason of the emergency of this situation.
Facing the bed on which Gracie is lying on, Mason and (he breathes in a bag), Julia gives advice on breathing to each of them. Julia recommends to Gracie to only indicate when the pain is there. Mason, he, judges that Gracie is big enough to indicate what she feels. Exceeded, Julia recommends him to be silent. After all, he does not know about it, because he is only a man. Mason then gets up and, by seeing that the baby approaches, faints.
After the birth of the baby, everybody is present in the room. Samantha is sitting down beside Gracie, happy with her baby in her arms. Samantha tries to understand the reasons why Gracie does not want to keep her baby. Logically, she ends up asking Gracie why she does not give it to them: they would look after the baby. According to the advice from Gracie, Samantha pleads with her mother who tells her to see her father; Samantha then pleads with Mason who, if he does not answer, looks at his daughter as though he gave in to this fad.

Jodie and Reese : first step towards reconciliation
It is on the beach that Reese comes to join Jodie, a rose in his hand. Reese comes not to apologise, but to make Jodie understand that he made the biggest error of his existence by letting his wife leave his life. He still loves her as much as the first day and he wants them to return to their former life. Reese, having kissed her, asks with arrogance if Micah has already kissed her in that way. Jodie pushes him back; she does not support this behaviour. However, she keeps the door open to Reese so that he could achieve the dream: recover her.

Wedding preparations...
Warren joins his wife-to-be in the room. B.J. is radiant, she does not succeed in thinking that she is going to become his wife. Aware of the history, Warren tries to find out if she does not regret that they moved so quickly. B.J. answers not: besides, does she show the face of anybody who is sad? Certainly not. Warren gives the place up then in tradition: Jodie and Lily are going to come to help him to get ready...
In a room, Andi also finishes getting ready. Having dressed in a uniform of a cleaning woman, she ends up with a brown wig. Then, she takes out a rifle in what would have a package of flowers.
In some minutes of celebration, Lily comes to join Reese who waits for the arrival of his daughter. B.J. goes up. With her loving father, he tells his daughter that if she wants to run away, he will help her. She is not obliged to go up to the hotel if she has doubts. B.J. reassures him; nothing in the world will be able to prevent her from becoming the wife of Warren Lockridge. That was the answer he wanted to hear.

Mason and Julia : and now four
Mason is beside the baby, obviously happy, the baby holding Mason's finger in his hand. Acting as a true father, Mason lavishes this moment, and speaks to him about women and says that the only difference between men and women, is that the men are stronger physically. Smiling, Julia enters the room. She makes the remark which perhaps he exaggerates by praising the physical force of the men, and Mason fills his chest to show that this is not the case. Then Julia takes him by the hand to a table where they are going to be able to measure their respective force in the course of arm wrestling. Mason is surprised to think that she wants to measure him. While he begins to discount this, Mason has no time to say three before Julia announces that she is pregnant and she wins the part of arm wrestling. Mason remains speechless. Julia asks him to say nothing, because this instant is perfect. Happy with the news, they kiss each other tenderly.

B.J. and Warren : a wedding as a picture of the end
Sawyer is the best man who drives the guests to their place: Micah and Aurora, Kelly and McCabe, Rosa and Ted are found between the others C.C. and Sophia, and Minx...
Warren and his father are quickly joined by the priest. Warren does not seem very comfortable to be there, in front of the whole city of Santa Barbara. He tells Lionel that he always dreamt to get married in Las Vegas. Lionel tries to give him courage: when he will see his delightful future wife, he will forget all the doubts he has. Warren suggests then beginning with holiday, drinking and eating, then getting married fast, on the sly.
Lily then gets ahead in the central path, under the look filled with pride from Gina, covered with a silky carpet. She passes under an ark of flowers when the sound of violins is heard. On the arm of her father, B.J. follows the way along the beach, before joining her brother. And while the wedding march is played, B.J. advances towards her destiny. Warren looks at her, eyes were filled with love.
Before joining Jodie, Reese entrusts the hand of B.J. to Warren. Then the priest asks them if they promise to love each other and to feel pride throughout their life, what Warren and B.J. promise. Then, the priest signals that they are going to pronounce their wishes, ones they wrote themselves. The priest turns to Warren. Under the anxious look of all, Warren remains immobile, rigid as a stake, unable to pronounce the slightest word. Jodie wonders. Minx says that she expected this. They murmur even that he is going to leave.  B.J. questions him. Lionel also tries to bring his son back to reality, by murmuring to him to pronounce some words. Worried, B.J. asks him if he wants to get married to her, he answers a yes honest and frank. Eyes to eyes, Warren pronounces the wishes, by ending with«Me Warren, I take you B.J. to be my wife». Then it is B.J.'s turn «Oh Warren, our meeting is a miracle».
Lionel gives alliance to his son so that he slips the ring on the finger of B.J.. Lily made also. And B.J., under the words of the priest, makes the same alliance with Warren's finger. Here is husband and wife. Warren can finally kiss his wife. Under the applauses of the guests, Mister and Mrs Lockridge take off up the white carpet, while a window opens to let some housemaids arrive on the balcony.
The reception of the guests is in full swing, sheltered from the wind under a gazebo at the edge of gardens. Andi, from the balcony, notices the stage. Out of the way Jodie and Reese talk together. Reese does not come back there knowing that B.J. is married and that the next day she will have a child, making Jodie a grandmother. Jodie apologises then for everything that has taken place since she confessed that B.J. was not her daughter. Reese declares that it is unimportant: Neither B.J. is his daughter, their daughter, and neither anything nor anybody will be able ever to change it.
Warren invites B.J. for the first dance. They set up in the centre of the gazebo under the look of all guests. And surprised, for the first time of the series, Minx shows her weaknesses and confesses to Lionel, Gina and to his horseman whom she is going to start to mourn and that she nearly died when Warren hesitated at the time of pronouncing the wishes. Lionel retorts that, him, he kept confidence, because he knows that Warren loves B.J. just as much that Gina loves him. For proof of this love, Lionel kisses Gina.
Reese then comes to take B.J. to Warren while Jodie invites Warren to finish the dance. Then, Lionel invites Gina, Ted invites Lily, McCabe invites Kelly. Micah looks at Jodie and at Reese with a smile of someone that has just lost and that admits his defeat. It is while McCabe points out Andi on the balcony. He moves away with Kelly and orders her not to move. Before leaving, Kelly, tenderly, he asks her to pay attention.
On the balcony, Andi positions first the viewfinder of his rifle. Meanwhile, McCabe takes up four-four the staircases of the hotel. Andi aims then at Gina, then at Reese and at Jodie. It is at this moment that Connor comes into sight behind her and tears his from the weapon. After a short battle, Connor seizes Andi and makes him leave the balcony.
Under the gazebo, Lionel claims the attention of all guests to toast the newly-weds. Everybody raises their glasses in favour of the Lockridge son and of his young wife, before Lionel invites Gina to dance, for a long life for the two. Then, in front of the open window facing the ocean, the guests are dancing.
The series ends with the majority of the characters : honour is safe, since C.C. and Sophia met and confessed their love, Jodie and Reese make peace, and even Minx seems to soften in front of her new daughter-in-law...

Summary written for this site by Lilian

Last appearance in the series of C.C. Capwell, Mason Capwell, Kelly Capwell, Ted Capwell, Lionel Lockridge, Warren Lockridge, Rosa Andrade, Sophia Armonti Capwell, Gina DeMott Capwell, Julia Wainwright, Lily "Light" Blake, Samantha Capwell, Sawyer Walker, Reese Walker, Jodie Walker, B.J. Walker, Dr. Micah DeAngelis, Aurora DeAngelis, Connor McCabe, Andi Klein and Gracie Lee Lively.
Last episode of Santa Barbara, the episode 2137 is an episode certainly a well-made one, which allows the audience to find out about the main characters of the city, but which does not allow for those who have moved away to find a true conclusion on their future. This episode appears a bit simplistic to really be considered as a last episode. In spite of B.J. and Warren's wedding, C.C. and Sophia finding each other, they play a bit on our hunger as for the destiny of some couples and some characters. We can be surprised for example that the show ends without B.J. learns that Cruz is her real father, even though Warren knows it for weeks. It is also possible to be disappointed at the end of this episode, as they do not speak about Eden and Cruz, about Pamela, about the Andrade family unlike other soaps such Falcon Crest (through Angela Channing's speech), Dallas (with the meeting of J.R. Ewing and his angel), Knots Landing (with the past refound), Santa Barbara didn't know to perfectly close the history opened one summer day of the year 1984...
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