A trip in Paris .With A Martinez's exclusive memories !.
 Text by Candy, Carole and Céline, photos by Candy and Céline

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In September 2011, three fans of Santa Barbara, French Candy and Céline and Belgian Carole, known also under the name of the 3C, meet in Paris to follow the tracks of their favorite couple, Eden and Cruz, in search of their daughter Adriana.

Having viewed the episodes and having made an intensive search on the internet, it is provided with a map of Paris and with their log book filled with screen captures of the important places and the main thread of the storyline that they walked, with emotion, on the ground of all the places where Marcy Walker and A Martinez had gone before them in 1989.

Much more than a fans' story, it was a big moment of sharing and true fun between three friends...

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A Martinez's exclusive memories
"My memories of the trip have blurred together now, and such blurring was an interesting part of doing the show. We played so many scenes over the course of it, that sometimes when we'd watch it on TV (only three weeks after the taping) we'd have trouble remembering what was coming next. (Too many other scenes to learn and then forget to make room in the mind for learning the next ones, I suppose.) It was actually a pleasure to know that the show could surprise you a little bit as you went along with it - one of the many, many aspects of Santa Barbara for which I'm thankful.
I remember Marcy's beautiful costumes, and I remember her upswept hair and that of Carrington as well. (It was a nice chance to get to know her and Peter a little better, and to share something really special together.)"
The Pont de l'Archevêché : Arrival of Eden and Kelly
Coming from the Quai de la Tournelle, first stop on the Pont de l'Archevêché (one of the padlocks bridges in Paris) to admire Notre-Dame. Continuation of the route to join the hotel.

1 avenue de Camoëns : The Hugo hotel

Arrival at the Hugo hotel, 1 avenue de Camoëns, where Eden will occupy the suite at the 2nd floor.
About the Hugo hotel : This hotel, in which Eden and Cruz will stay several times during different journey in Paris, is in fact a 7-storeyed building sheltering 12 apartments.

In front of the hotel, we see the Eiffel Tower which celebrated its 100 years in 1989, and we notice a staircase which comes down on the pavement in front of the building where Ric lives.

In the angle of the avenue of Camoëns and the boulevard Delessert, Eden goes down the magnificent staircase and has a look to the bust of the Portuguese poet of the 16th century, Luis de Camoëns.

The n°3 boulevard Delessert : At Ric's

She rings at Ric Castillo's at n°3 boulevard Delessert.

Freshly hired, Nancy (Eden) "the nanny" and Beth (Kelly) "the chambermaid" take Charisse (Adriana) for a walk on boulevard Delessert.

Later, Cruz will ask there Kelly for some explanations on their presence at Ric's, before taking the small stone staircase which goes up to rue le Tassé.

Le Pont de l'Archevêché : Arrival of Cruz / Eden having a walk

Cruz in his turn pass on the Pont de l'Archevêché, while Eden passes below with Adriana.

The banks of the Seine and the Palais Chaillot : Eden and Cruz all around Paris

Cruz walks along the bookshops of the banks of the Seine. Meanwhile, Eden has a break reading in the Palais Chaillot gardens.
A Martinez's exclusive memories
"It was most welcome that we were not too cold. Leslie and I had been in Paris for the New Year in 1983, on the way home from filming Beyond the Limit in London, and I remember being so cold as I walked down a street leading to the Seine that I imagined my ear might fall off if I bumped it against anything. But on this trip, the combination of the reasonably mild weather and the astounding beauty of the city went a long way toward offsetting the effects of the jet lag."

The place de la Concorde : Eden and Cruz all around Paris

Cruz goes out of the Jardin des Tuileries to join the place de la Concorde where is the Obélisque.

Cruz, on the place de la Concorde, admires the Fontaine des fleuves. Far off we see the église de la Madeleine, at the end of the rue Royale.

A Martinez's exclusive memories
"The Fontaine des Fleuves was exquisite. The sound of the water hitting the pool, the mist of it in the air drifting to your face, the power of the architecture of the piece - a portal into a dreaming state of mind for a moment. (A state of mind also assisted by having no lines to remember.)"

The Trocadéro gardens : Eden and Cruz all around Paris

Eden crosses the fountains of the Trocadéro gardens.

The avenue des Champs-Elysées : Eden and Cruz all around Paris

Meanwhile, Cruz, at the end of the avenue des Champs-Elysées, passes in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

The Eiffel Tower : Eden and Cruz all around Paris

Cruz crosses the Trocadéro and goes up to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower. From there, he sees Eden in the gardens of the Palais Chaillot. He tries to join her, but Kelly already came to look for her.
Anachronism on the Eiffel Tower : As a big specialist of our Iron Lady, Carole tried during all the stay to demonstrate us that there was a problem with scenes shot at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Indeed the second floor being the only "open-air" floor, it seems obvious that Eden and Cruz are there, except that the elevator which brings Eden and Cruz in this floor is the one inside which goes from the 2nd to the 3rd floor. So it is not very logical that they arrive by there. Carole did not recover from it yet.

A Martinez's exclusive memories
"The long shot of Cruz looking toward the Eiffel Tower (not as lovely as saying it in French) reminds me that I was reminded - on that day - of the last time I'd stood there. It was the same New Year's 1983 visit with Leslie, and she was feeling ill as we paused from such a distance and looked at the Tower. (We soon went looking for Pellegrino - for the bubbles - and that seemed to help.)

Carole's point about the mistake we made in the script over the levels in the Tower is a good one. I want to think someone mentioned that error on the day we were there - but I might be making it up. What I remember most vividly from this day was the amazing view. And also that my dear friend Carlos Yeaggy (Santa Barbara's extraordinary lead makeup artist) and I exchanged a kiss up there, standing against the railing, which someone photographed. Carlos passed on a while ago, and that photo is among my treasures. As it happens, Les and I and Devon and Sandra and Dakota just attended the wedding of Carlos' daughter Alexandra last weekend, and I've been thinking of him."

The Pont Alexandre III : Eden and Cruz finally gathered

Eden and Cruz find each other on the Pont Alexandre III.

A Martinez's exclusive memories
"I remember playing the scene of Eden and Cruz finding each other. "Will this look like a commercial for beautiful hair, where the happy couple runs into one another's arms...?" was a question that got raised - in jest, I think."

The Jardin du Luxembourg : Eden and Cruz finally gathered

Eden and Cruz discusses in the Jardin du Luxembourg. They walk towards the statue of "l'Acteur Grec", sculptured by Baron Arthur Bourgeois. We see the Panthéon quite at the bottom.

A Martinez's exclusive memories
"The Jardin de Luxembourg was another highlight. We had a little difficulty with the microphones we were wearing, but once we got that solved, the scene went smoothly. We remembered our words and we were able to feel one another and feel the beauty around us in a way that chased the moment into more hallowed territory. Even today - I'm always looking for the portal into something beyond when doing this work. It's selfish to want it, perhaps, but it's such a deep pleasure to get a glimpse of that greater realm when you're in the midst of telling a story. With Marcy, it was there to be found on so many occasions."

Paris by night : Eden and Cruz finally gathered

Eden and Cruz enjoy Paris by night. They walk on the Pont Saint-Louis, share a glass of champagne in rue de Rivoli, dance at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and make a tour on the carousel of the Trocadéro or the Tuileries.

A Martinez's exclusive memories
"I remember the Carousel, and I remember Cruz and Eden dancing in the beautiful light like it was yesterday."

The Jardin du Luxembourg : First family reunion

It is in the Jardin du Luxembourg, near the Fontaine Médicis, that the little family get finally reunited the next day.

They part at the exit rue de Médicis, in front of the place Edmond Rostand. Far off rises the Panthéon.

The secrets of a photo report by Candy : The screen captures and the photos above give me the opportunity to specify, but the well sharpened eyes will have noticed it, that most of the photos of this journey were not taken at random. It seemed interesting and funny to me to use the captures to immortalize the same places according to an angle rather close to see if, 22 years later, the landscape had changed a lot.
For example, we notice here, at the exit of the garden, that on the right there is always a bus and on the left a bus stop, on the other hand a film poster replaced the advertising for coffee. Above, we see that the Pont de l'Archevêché was not the padlocks bridge yet...
And a funny thing is that tourists are still photographed sat on the Pont Alexandre III at the same place where in 1989 Cruz waited for his wife. Fiction often overriding reality during this weekend, in our turn we waited there, full of hope, but unfortunately Cruz never came...

The Port des Champs-Elysées : Dangerous exchange to get back Hollis and Adriana

Cruz and Ric comes down by the left bank of the Pont des Invalides, and drive towards the Pont Alexandre III. There was moored, at the port des Champs-Elysées, the "Touring Club de France" boat . It since became the "Thalassa" then "Planète Sur Seine", and was moved to the Port de Clichy.

The Quai de Montebello : Reunion with Adriana

Eden, Cruz, Kelly and Ric find Hollis with Adriana on the Quai de Montebello, situated between the Pont au Double and the Pont de l'Archevêché, in front of Notre-Dame.

It is between both staircases, near of which is now moored the barge Métamorphosis, that Eden and Cruz gets finally their daughter Adriana back.

Shooting on the Quai Montebello : We lived there one of the strong moments of our weekend, because Carole, suffering from split personality and thus passing from a character to another, decided to replay for us the scenes (and in English please, except than it was a free adaptation of the script because the star did not know her text well, but she promised to be ready for the next journey, an Emmy Award is for sure outlined on the horizon). Thus now she's gone, from Kelly who goes down the staircase by saying "What's happening with the baby...", by Eden and Cruz pleading "Give us the baby... It's our baby", then Hollis upholder Adriana and threatening "It's my baby I want to jump with her", to finish by Ric who implores "Don't jump". All this was immortalized by Céline's camera, worthy descendant of the Dobsons. But unfortunately, for rights issues, this movie is not available for the public. In any case our frenzy and our hysteria aroused the interest of a bateau-mouche filled with tourists who landed not far from there. To see the surprised faces, it would seem that they took us for madwomen.
A Martinez's exclusive memories
"The actual reunion with Adriana was difficult to play. So many elements of that process seemed to be working against its believability. We did the best we could.
And I would have LOVED to watch the three of you playing this out, Candy and Céline and Carole. (Street theatre ! Yes !)"

Notre-Dame de Grâce de Passy church : Adriana's christening

Before their return in Santa Barbara, Adriana is baptized in Notre-Dame de Grâce de Passy, which is rue Jean Bologne. For the occasion, the bells ring the opening credits of Santa Barbara.
In search of the church : To find it, we spent at first hours on the internet to study all the churches of Paris (126 exactly), we studied loads of photos, we even tried to see on the parking meter near Ric by zooming on the screen captures if there was a street name, some clues which could put us on the good way... Then, during a first journey in Paris where Céline and Carole met for the first time and went off to reconnoitre, Céline thought that everything must have been shot in the same district. They thus made a walk in Paris 16th district and saw a bell tower !!! They made the tour and there they recognized the small square with all its pigeons.
A Martinez's exclusive memories
"The Christening was a lovely touch, an example of Santa Barbara's great writing staff always knowing how to sound an elegant grace note that might otherwise be left untried."

A Martinez's exclusive memories
"So may wonderful memories in this trip, and so many associated memories of this extraordinary place on the planet. In 1988, Les and I would be back to Paris on behalf of the show. One night, we left our hotel at midnight and walked for three hours on the streets of the city, seeing less than a dozen other humans along the way, and hearing our footsteps echoing off buildings a half a mile away. All the statues remained brilliantly illuminated, and as we'd turn a corner and come upon yet another of them, stark and magnificent against the night sky, we were moved to give thanks that such profound beauty was spared during the Wars that raged in Europe earlier in the century. Our Devon was created in those days, as well. So always, in our family, there is much love for Paris.

I'll close with one last thought. As with all Santa Barbara's location shoots, the director in charge was the late great Rick Bennewitz. He was a man among men, a teacher to me in so many facets of my life, both as an actor and as a human being. His work was stellar, and his way with an actor, when the pressure got high, was extraordinarily gentle. Whenever he needed something adjusted, he's be most careful to let you know you were close to having it right. "Just give me two percent less... (or more)... ." he'd say, his thumb and forefinger an inch apart. "You're right there..." I'm trying to become a director now, and I think of the great Mr. Bennewitz so often these days.

Thank you, ladies, and thank you, Nicolas, for the opportunity to recall this magical trip. What a wonderful gift."

Carole's impressions : "I lived a great weekend, with great friends, in a great set... Maybe I did not participate much concerning the elaboration but, on the spot, I gave many of my own, showing all my talent of star in real character parts to make relive one of the most dramatic moments of our favorite couple. It is a journey which I shall never forget and especially I hope that it will not be the last one..."

Céline's impressions : "We lived very good moments together, including blister on our feet and back pain while yomping in Paris. Moreover we said to us that Cruz had to move in taxi or to have a chauffeur-driven car when he looks for Eden !!!!... Santa Barbara allowed me to meet fans and now friends who are very dear to me. The most important it is to have established this friendship and to have met for an alternative visit of Paris by paying tribute to our favorite couple."

Candy's impressions : "What is best for French-speaking fans of Santa Barbara and especially of Cruz and Eden than to meet in their favorite city... At first I have to say that, not being very brave to travel, I deeply thank Céline and Carole for having convinced me to live the adventure with them because I did not regret it. We walked a lot, looked for things a lot, I was very hot but I especially laughed a lot. It was unique to spend time with great friends, to visit the most beautiful city of the world (with no chauvinism) in a such original way and to share on our preferred subject Eden and Cruz (well I admit that handsome Cruz was a little more present in the conversations), I lived one of my most beautiful weekends there and I am not ready to forget it. Then, girls, next meeting : Santa Barbara ?"