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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Thomas Jefferson Daniels

Former known girlfriends : Olivia Welles (1987), Laken Lockridge (1987), Sophia Capwell Armonti (1988), Kelly Capwell (1988), Angela (1988), Buffy McIntire (1988), Augusta Lockridge (1989), Phyllis (1989)

  Professions : Skiing instructor and gigolo, employed at the Armonti Enterprises, manager of The Lair  

Chip Mayer :
September 22 1987 (# 790) to April 21 1989 (# 1192)


T.J. Daniels, the prototype of the virile seducer without scruples, arrives in Santa Barbara in 1987. He comes to rejoin Laken Lockridge who had broken their engagement to find her former boyfriend, Ted Capwell. T.J. is then a simple gigolo who used his cover of skiing instructor to attract fortunate women in his bed. Now decided to start a new life, he starts by saving Laken of a car crash and then succeeds to be lodged by Ted at the Capwell guesthouse.

But T.J.'s past reappears when, requiring some money to pay the building of The Lair, the club which he wants to create with his friend Jake Morton, he is obliged to appeal to Olivia Welles, one of his former "customers". This latter agrees to invest the money missing in exchange of a last night with T.J.. It is at The Lair that this latter meets Sophia Capwell, then in full separation with her husband C.C.. He begins with her a sincere love affair, but made fun by everyone because of his past of seducer of rich mature women. Hired by Sophia to the Armonti Entreprises, T.J. sees himself one day forced to borrow without her knowing some money of the company to absorb the debts of The Lair. When Sophia discovers it, she immediately puts an end at their relation.

A short time later, T.J. gets acquainted of Pamela Conrad, who tries to separate her son Jeffrey of his wife, Kelly Capwell. She proposes some money to T.J. if he agrees to seduce Kelly and to destroy her couple. T.J. complies, but very fast falls in love with Kelly. When Sophia, jealous, opens her eyes on T.J.'s real personality, Kelly decides to break up.

T.J. then seduces Buffy McIntire, the daughter of a friend of C.C.'s, and uses her to approach the Capwells. This is when that he is contacted by Jeffrey to eliminate Kelly. After constantly undergoing accusations of craftiness and dishonesty from the Capwells, T.J. accepts his plan. But Jeffrey retracts himself at the last moment and T.J. beats him so violently that this latter gets paralyzed.

Become one of the suspects in the rapes affairs which shake the town, T.J. has not finish with his vengeance against Kelly. In the train where the Capwells organized a party for the new year 1989, T.J. executes his plan. He is however stopped by Jeffrey, who manages to push him outside the train before he murders Kelly.

Having resold his parts of The Lair to Bunny Tagliatti, T.J. finally prefers to definitively leave Santa Barbara for a new life in Palm Springs...

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