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Identity   Interpreter
Sister : Laura

Married to : Willard DuVall (19??-19??), Willard Bassett (198?-198?)

  Children : Mary DuVall, Christie DuVall  

Grace Zabriskie :
June 26 1985 (# 235) to September 05 1985 (# 284)


Worn, abused, disillusioned by his own and by alcohol, Theda Bassett is the stereotype of the mother absent with her daughters Mary and Christie, who found refuge between alcohol and the image she has of her step-son, Steve, then assistant of the district attorney.

She makes her arrival in Santa Barbara at the occasion of her birthday, event where are present her daughters and her step-son. Theda has completely left the family reins between Steve's hands of, as an easy option. And she approves him in every decisions he takes against Christie (he founds her an apartment near his home, he refuses that she dates Ted Capwell...), without never wanting to see the monster who is in him, and never wanting to remember the reasons that led her to drink and the reasons that led Mary to religion. Because Theda, deep inside of her, knows perfectly the nature of the wolf that her family does shelter.

Theda recovers her role as a mother only when she is confronted with Christie's rape. She promises to herself to fight for her daughter and swears that the Capwell money will not prevent her from going until the trial. Skilfully supported by Steve, Theda proves to be a solid support for Christie, until some small flaws come to destroy her newfound confidence. These are Mary's doubts about Ted's guilt and Steve's strange behavior that question her. And, plagued by alcohol, Theda disappears again slowly to let Mary taking the family reins, until leaving the town.

Theda will have known only one summer in Santa Barbara, a very agitated summer. However, it is a pity to have taken her away so quickly and especially not to have make her come back at Mary's death, eager for revenge, and plunging into a destructive spiral between madness and alcohol...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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