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Former known boyfriend : Cruz Castillo (1991-1992)   Professions : Art teacher in high school, journalist at Santa Barbara Conscience, employed at Angela Cassidy Gallery  

Terri Garber :
August 09 1991 (# 1773) to July 16 1992 (# 2009)


Deeply human, patient and attaching, Suzanne arrived at a too crucial moment of the show to succeed to make her place and, despite all her merit, to gain the heart of the televiewers.

The first time that Suzanne Collier appears on screen, it is on the beach of Santa Barbara, painting the unchained ocean. Cruz Castillo, who has just lost his wife Eden Capwell after her drowning, meets her by chance and gets close to her, finding in her a curious air of déjà-vu. Nothing curious in that in fact, since this Suzanne, if she really exists, is for the moment Eden, back from the death to take care on her husband and her children.

The real Suzanne Collier is, as for her, in North Carolina. Cruz finds her after what he believes being her disappearance far from the Santa Barbara beach. Suzanne then makes him the surprise to be another woman that the one he thought to recognise, but also a real knowledge in Eden's life since she turns to be one of her faithful friends of childhood. Thus Suzanne learns the death of her old friend and, already attracted by Cruz's charm, agrees to follow him until Santa Barbara.

Suzanne, a painter as Eden played her, becomes very quickly a close and sincere friend of Cruz. She accompanies him in his research for the truth about Eden, whom he knows from now on in life. Their very quickly mutual attraction is not in fact the fruit of the chance : Eden had planned their meeting and written for them the beginning of their love story to come. After several long weeks of patience, Suzanne sees her waitings to be concretized and Cruz turning away (on the surface) from Eden to show her his affection and to offer her one night of impassioned love. At least until the middle of the night, where Cruz starts to speak during his sleep and to revive his moments of passion with Eden. The come-back to reality is more difficult for Suzanne, who suffers of seeing the man she loves to reserve the most beautiful of his passions for another woman, even in his dream. In spite of repeated attempts at get together again, Suzanne is forced to break up, not being able to support to pass after another woman and to be, very obviously, only a tonic for Cruz's depression.

It is thanks to the support of her roommate Katrina Ruyker and to Warren Lockridge, with whom she works at the newspaper Santa Barbara Conscience, that Suzanne succeeds in reaching again the top and the force to remain, for a few months again, in Santa Barbara. But to live an experiment she would have well avoided to live... Suzanne is asked by Julia and Mason Capwell to restore a portrait of the DeAngelis family, found at the Ballymoor mansion that it is said haunted. Her work completed, Suzanne sees herself convoked in the middle of a cemetery in order to give the painting to her sleeping partners. Attacked by a mysterious person with an ax (who turns to be Abigail Beckwithe, the elder of the survivors of the DeAngelis dynasty), Suzanne slides from the top of a cliff and falls unconscious. At the hospital, she discovers that the doctor who is going to operate her is Dr. Marcus Disgrazia, perfect double of Micah DeAngelis, Abigail's grandson. And with logic, since it is absolutely the same person. Panicked, she tries to alert Katrina by writing with her blood the name of Marcus on her hospital bed. But if Suzanne was not mistaken in her interlocutor, she was well mistaken in the culprit, and with when she wakes up she notes that everything is getting well and that Micah is not her attacker.

Tired of these adventures, disappointed that her kindness and her unlimited love did not bear their fruits in Santa Barbara, Suzanne leaves the town definitively for Charleston, South Carolina. To have to ensure Eden's succession will have been wrongfully fatal to her...

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Terri Garber
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«Love gave me forces», 1991
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