«Love gave me forces»

 By Isabelle Gaudon and Neil Blincow, Télé Poche, 1991

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"I had luck. A Martinez has got everything that a man can have !" Terri Garber cannot stop from flattering her new partner. In spite of a pay well less marvellous that the ones of Dynasty and more draconian schedules, Terri does not complain. "I feel myself completely at my home in Santa Barbara." Terri plays a mysterious and sentimental young woman. "Between Suzanne and me, there are similarities. Terri takes under her protection the loved beings." In life, she also protects her husband and their five year old daughter, Molly.

The actress did not hesitate to play Suzanne Collier. Bridget and Jerome Dobson, the creators of Santa Barbara, signed her contract only after ten minutes of hearing. "We found the actress who will be able to fill the vacuum left by Marcy Walker."

At thirty, after having been a waitress and having accepted insipid roles, the chance smiled to her. She obtains a real role in Texas, then North and South I and II. What quite naturally leads her to the show Dynasty. Ten years ago, Terri had lived difficult times. "I wanted to kill me. It is a terrible episode of my life that I prefer to leave behind me". Alcohol, drug and medicaments are not good friends. "Family and friends cannot do anything for you in those moments. The only person who could save me, it was me."

Love gave her forces. "I met the scenario writer Chris Hager on the shooting of North and South in South Carolina. I got married the very same day the show was aired. It is also the evening of my wedding that I ceased watching TV !"