Stockman DeMott




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Year of death : 1984

Married to : Gina DeMott (1977-1984)


Child : Brandon DeMott (adopted)

Profession : Businessman




Very first one of the long list of Gina's husbands, Stockman DeMott did not physically appear in Santa Barbara, and precise details on his personality allow us by the way to learn more on Gina and her relationship with men.

Recently deceased, Stockman was a businessman, just like his friend C.C. Capwell. Even if he does not seem as rich as his friend, Stockman has the chance to enjoy a real success, since he has a villa in Bel Air, rich district of Los Angeles. A deep friendship and a great confidence are the master words of the relation between these two men. Besides, it is as a proof of this friendship that C.C. entrusts his descendant to him. Knowing that Stockman and his young wife Gina cannot have children (they passed many medical tests), C.C. resigned himself to offer this child to them.

Thus in August 1979, Gina receives from C.C.'s direct hands the little Brandon, fruit of the affair between Channing Capwell Junior and Santana Andrade. Stockman, too taken by his business, has not been able to go to Mexico, and it is C.C. who is at the sides of this woman, entirely dressed of red, to accompagny her in this new stage of her life. It is certainly there one of the rare meetings between Gina and C.C. Capwell.

It is because C.C. knows and respects sincerely Stockman that he confided his grandson to him, but it is also because he knows perfectly that, throughout the child's life, he will be able to keep an eye on him. Knowing the strong character of the Capwell patriarch, we can be sure that this adoption has not been made without another thought in mind : Channing Creighton Capwell is not man to leave what he has of more precious without preserving any control...

As seeing C.C.'s personality, we can question ourselves on the origins of this friendship. Because throughout Santa Barbara, any man or any woman does not seem to enjoy this same consideration. We can imagine that Stockman was older than C.C. (that would explain his sterility because, in the next events, we will discover that Gina can have children). Thus, Stockman and C.C. could have met in Harvard, where Stockman would have been a professor of the young Capwell heir, or Stockman could have been C.C.'s superior at the army during the second world war. These two kinds of relations can justify the esteem, the confidence and the respect they seem to feel the one for the other.

At her arrival in Santa Barbara after the death of her husband, Gina takes refuge near the only friend of her husband. She explains her situation of widow to him, quite unable to face the administrative steps as for the debts left in heritage by Stockman. Because contrary to C.C., Stockman was not an excellent businessman. His last investments even left him and his family without money, and to pay his debts, C.C. must sell the villa of Bel Air and lodge in his house the one who will become the worst nightmare of all his life...

But, at that time, Gina DeMott appears much more naive to us. And while she lives in the Capwell mansion, she begins to talk about herself. We discover that she met Stockman on the road to the airport : she worked in interim, and he needed a secretary urgently. Thereafter, he asked on several occasions for her services. And very quickly, he fell under her charm. Besides, how could it have been differently ?

First victim of Gina and especially great friend of C.C.'s, Stockman will not have the privilege to appear in Santa Barbara, even in flashback or as a ghost. At the time when thereafter the Blake family will get reunited around Gina, it is regrettable that the team of the writers did not think of creating a character of Stockman's family who would come to ask some explanations to Gina...

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