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Real name : Stephen Biederman

Date of birth : December 07 195?

Profession : Movie director, co-manager of Bunny's Lair


Richard Hatch :
January 17 1990 (# 1377) to March 21 1990 (# 1422)

John O'Hurley :
March 26 1990 (# 1425) to January 17 1991 (# 1632)


Seductive and secret character, Stephen Slade arrives in Santa Barbara as a movie director. His first action is to persuade the former actress Sophia Capwell to shoot in his new movie, Journeys. Stephen begins the shooting with a transformed Sophia, delighted to play in a movie made of flashbacks and of mysteries. Perpetually insatisfied, he does not stop modifying his script and seems to improvise scenes without real links with the initial storyline.

Stephen has hidden another secret to Sophia : with Ethan Asher, Craig Hunt and Derek Griffin, he is one of the orphans in search of the truth about the death of their friend Cassandra, died as a child after having been adopted by the Capwell family. Stephen's movie project is quickly brought to light, when Sophia realizes that the scenario of the movie is in reality a disguised biography of the Capwell family, which tends to accuse C.C. and Mason to have killed Cassandra. Stephen loses not only his main actress, in shock, but above all the rushes after an arson in the Hampton & Bridge offices.

When it turns out that Cassandra did not die as he believed it, Stephen offers a more expansive facet of his personality. He indeed tries to seduce Cassandra with whom he fell in love, but his feelings for her are unfortunately not mutual.

When Stephen learns that Cassandra's imprints were found on the place of the fire of his movie, he accuses this latter of being the author. But Cassandra denies any implication. In search of new proofs which could confirm his suspicions, Stephen mysteriously disappears without any reason given to his departure...

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