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Complete name : Rafael Gabriel Castillo

Father : Rafael Castillo

Mother : Isabel Segundo


Brother and sister : Cruz Castillo (half-brother), Carmen Castillo (half-sister)

Former known girlfriends : Tonya Vargas (1992), Lily "Light" Blake (1992), Lisa Fenimore (1992-1993)

Profession : Student, guitar player at the Oasis, Tyrone Mitchell's assistant, model for Gina Jeans, Angela Raymond's assistant


Robert Fontaine, Jr. :
March 18
1992 (# 1926) to January 12 1993 (# 2134)


In early 1992, Rafael Castillo learns the existence of a son, Rafe, born from a passing affair in his past. Thus the fiery and romantic Rafe arrives in Santa Barbara, and makes the acquaintance of his father and his half-brother, Cruz Castillo.

Rafe then turns to be the lover of Tonya Vargas, the wife of a drug dealer who was found dead by gunshot after he tried to kill Rafe with a knife. Rafe is arrested, but the investigation proves that Rafe was actually trapped by Tonya, who used him as a perfect suspect to get rid of her husband.

Rafe, who first met Lily Blake at the death of Emilio Vargas, manages to make her accept his innocence. Quickly in love with this young woman with a sturdy character like him, Rafe tries his best to seduce her. But Lily resists him and, the weeks going by, Rafe loses patience. He yields to the advances of the beautiful Lisa Fenimore, but soon regrets his decision when Lisa tells him that she became pregnant with him. Rafe is tormented, not knowing whether he should return with Lisa to support the unborn baby, or take a chance with Lily, the only woman he loves, and who finally seems to share his feelings. He finally gives in to Lisa's blackmail, who threatens to have an abortion, and agrees to marry her right then. But the ceremony turns to be a fake, Rich Landers having the union celebrated by a false priest. However, Rafe still ignores this whole stratagem.

Rafe finds himself always shared between the two women, and eventually resumes his affair with Lily. When she discovers his infidelity, Lisa, who turns out to have never been pregnant, fakes a miscarriage to make Rafe feel guilty. The plan works, and Rafe renounces to see Lily again. However, he discovers with astonishment that Lily seems to get in love with Ted Capwell. He ignores that it is then only a way for Lily to make him jealous to regain his favor. But Lily and Ted get seriously close, and their fake wedding plan turns into a real ceremony where the couple says "I do" with sincerity. Rafe arrives too late and fails to make Lily change her mind.

Back with Lisa, he discovers her repetitive lies : not only she has never been pregnant, but in addition they are even not legally married. Rafe breaks definitively with her and decides to leave Santa Barbara at once. He sends a letter to Lily, offering her to leave with him. But Lily makes him understand that she is now in love with Ted and married for better.

This is after a year of failed relationships that Rafe then leaves Santa Barbara, with a heavy heart...

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