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Brother : Guillermo Castillo

Married to : Carmen Castillo (196?-198?)

Children : Cruz Castillo, Carmen Castillo, Rafe Castillo


Former known girlfriends : Isabel Segundo (196?), Rosa Andrade (1991-...)

Profession : Magician


Henry Darrow :
June 08 1989 (# 1226) to May 10 1990 (# 1458), September 04 1991 (# 1791) to May 01 1992 (# 1957)

Castulo Guerra :
July 15 1992 (# 2008) to September 18 1992 (# 2055)


Very little information had filtered about Rafael Castillo before 1989 : we knew from him that he had abandoned his wife and children for years, but that was it. Until Eden Capwell finds his tracks in a hotel in Acapulco, and encourages her husband Cruz Castillo to reconnect with this man from his past. Since he left the marital home, Rafael has become a very talented magician, envied by many of his competitors. Among them, the redoubtable Dr. Mephisto, who kidnaps him in his castle full of secret passages and other traps. Rafael finds himself locked in a dungeon, forced by Mephisto to reveal the secret of one of his most famous tricks. Fortunately, it is time that chose Eden and Cruz to find him, and Rafael is delivered safely. Moreover he owes his survival to his second son, Ric, who kills Mephisto before he eliminates him.

Imaginative and always cheerful, Rafael is delighted to find his sons. His apprehension that they could reject him for having abandoned them once disappears quickly, as his sons are convinced by his sincerity and his commitment to them. Rafael joins Cruz and Ric in Santa Barbara, and gets installed in a room above the garage of Eden and Cruz's house. The reunion with Carmen, his ex-wife, are more strained. But Rafael ends by being eventually accepted by her, even if they never re-form their old couple.

Rafael then remains, for all the months which follow, Cruz's confidant, listening and advising him on his marital problems with Eden. He accompanies him on Las Sirenas island to assist him in his investigation on his heart rival, Robert Barr, and is even thrown in jail on this occasion. Thereafter Rafael attends the long hesitation of his son between Eden and Nikki Alvarez. He pushes him to choose between the two women, advising him not to make the same mistakes he did.

Rafael disappears a few months in mid-1990, before making his comeback the following year. If Carmen has in the meantime acknowledged that Ric was born from an adulterous affair and that he is not indeed Rafael's son, this latter does not seem affected by it, Ric having meanwhile left Santa Barbara. Rafael helps Cruz to overcome Eden's departure, and encourages him to let go his emerging feelings for the beautiful Suzanne Collier. But Rafael is not outdone on a love side, since he manages to seduce the difficult Rosa Andrade, separated from her husband for several years.

In 1992, Rafael discovers from a former mistress that he is the father of another son, Rafe. Rafael becomes quickly fond of this young Hispanic full of passion and helps him at his turn in his sentimental troubles, as he knows to do so well. But however he disappears again very quickly from the show, leaving with the simultaneous departure of Cruz, Rafe as the only representative on the screen of the Castillo dynasty...

Press article
Henry Darrow
Father of A Martinez for the third time !
, 1991

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