Father of A Martinez for the third time !

 By Michel Spector, TÚlÚ Loisirs, 1991

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"When the producers of Santa Barbara proposed me to play the A Martinez's father, I immediately accepted, Henry Darrow tells while joking. This is a role I already knew." Actually before arriving on the stage of Santa Barbara, the two actors had already met for the shooting of two TV movies. And twice, Henry Darrow played A Martinez's father. "We became friendly, he says. I like his humour and his vision of the job of actor."

In the first episodes of the show, Cruz Castillo, the character of A Martinez, has been given up by his father. But during a trip to Mexico with his wife Eden, played by Marcy Walker, he finds the author of his birth, Rafael Casfillo, he delivers from the hands of Mephisto, a magician jealous of his secrets. Because his father is a magician ! "Now, I am even a grandfather, continues Henry Darrow, since Cruz and Eden had two children." Like all the team of Santa Barbara, he regrets the departure of Marcy Walker. "She took the risk to play in another show, he says. But if that does not work, she will always be able to retake her place among us."

Named in fact Enrique Delgado, Henry Darrow was born in Puerto Rico where his father and his uncle owned a restaurant. But he spent his teenage years in New York where he obtained a financial help to study dramatic art. Attracted by Hollywood, he quickly preferred to leave New York and live in Los Angeles. And not to be limited to Hispanic characters, he changed his name. Launched by the show The High Chaparral, a very popular western on the American television, Henry Darrow played in very many TV shows. "In Dallas, he remembers, I played an oil tycoon who succeeded to steal a million dollars to dreadful JR. A real exploit !" In real life, he married an actress, Lauren Levian. They live in San Fernando Valley, in the south of Los Angeles. For the moment, the couple packed its luggages and flew away for Spain where Henry Darrow is one of the star of the new show Zorro.

At fifty seven years old, this sympathetic actor has also a secret garden : to play chess, his passion. "When I was young, I won many championships. And I always play. I even had the luck to play against Fisher and Spasky." For when a chess competition on the stage of Santa Barbara ?