Major Phillip Hamilton




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Identity   Interpreter

Complete name : Phillip Carter Hamilton

Former known girlfriend : Soo Li (197?)

  Professions : Major in the American army, businessman, employed to bring back together separated Vietnameses families   Warren Burton :
April 15 1988 (# 933) to January 23 1989 (# 1128)

It is at a reunion party between Vietnam War veterans that Cain Garver finds again his former major, Phillip Hamilton. Straight, almost obsequious, Phillip then sends the image of a brave and honest man to Andrea Bedford, Cain's girlfriend, while this latter sees in him the exact opposite. Because the two men have a heavy past in common : from Vietnam, Phillip accuses Cain of having led his men to death, while Cain accuses him of failing to keep his rank of Major. But another drama links them as enemies : they both fell in love in the past with the same woman, a Vietnamese name Soo Li, who died before the end of the war.

Thirsting for revenge under his discreet and secretive look, Phillip moves in Santa Barbara along with Kai, his faithful Vietnamese servant whom he once saved from death. He immediately hires Andrea (whom he knew the father in the past) in his foundation which helps to reunite separated US-Vietnamese families. Phillip then took the opportunity to do everything to take Andrea away from Cain in delegating to her some urgent issues to treat or some appointments outside the city.

Phillip also becomes friend with Ted Capwell, who asks him to train him to stock market investments. A collaboration not appreciated by C.C. Capwell, with whom Phillip has been in trouble before. He also gets close to Victoria Lane, even though his initial love interest turns soon into a great platonic friendship. Phillip thus supports her in her battle against her cocaine addiction and hosts her at his home several weeks after her rehab. It is besides him who keeps the little Chip when his mother is hospitalized again. However, Phillip does not turn to be the desired protector, because he leaves Chip alone, left to himself, in his big empty house.

Thanks to Andrea's work, it appears that Soo Li had a daughter in Vietnam. Phillip, convinced to be the father, goes there and allows the young Ming Li to join the United States, despite the fact that Cain is also on her trail, certain to be his progenitor too. A thorough investigation of Kai will be necessary so that Phillip finally discovers that Ming Li is an impostor. Wishing to be able to leave a squalid Bangkok to the United States, she chose to act as Soo Li's daughter. Phillip sees in that a new benefit in his vengeance against Cain : he forces Ming Li to seduce Cain to make him separate with Andrea, otherwise he will unveil her lies and send her back to Vietnam.

Phillip is excited to see Ming Li starting to run, and Andrea living badly the kind of competition she has to face. But more and more uncomfortable in her role of schemer, Ming Li asks for Kai's help to help her escaping the Major's ascending. This latter executes his threats : he orders her extradition. At his turn frightened by the hatred that lives in his master, Kai flees the city with Ming Li. Phillip finds himself isolated, although he has managed to cancel the wedding planned between Andrea and Cain.

His true face beginning to be known to everybody, Phillip becomes one of the leading suspects in the rape and the murder of Andrea, as a result of the altercation he had with her a few days earlier. Inhabited by his thirst for revenge against Cain, Phillip does everything possible so that this latter would be accused of the rape and the murder of Andrea; he even does not hesitate to fabricate some false evidences. Pursued by the journalist Lydia Saunders, Phillip is finally cleared, but has to face justice for the beating up he inflicted to Cain by his thugs. It is neither revenged nor reconciled with his past, despite an attempt to redeem his errors (he proposes to C.C. some money to participate in the reward offered by Sophia), that Phillip will make his last appearance in the show, on the eve of his trial...

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