Nikki Alvarez




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Identity   Interpreter
Real name : Maria Nicoletta Esmeralda Gonzalez

Year of birth : 1962

Year of death : 1990


Brother : Amado Gonzalez

Former known boyfriends : Marcos Llamera (1989), Travis Bucknell (1989), Michael Donnelly (1990)

Professions : Police officer, Rafael Castillo's assistant, bartender and dancer at Bar None


Constance Marie :
December 08 1989 (# 1351) to September 24 1990 (# 1553)


Strong and stubborn, Nikki Alvarez makes her appearance in Santa Barbara in December 1989. She then turns to be Travis Bucknell's girlfriend, the man whom Cruz Castillo tries to prevent from commiting suicide from the top of the Capwell Hotel. While trying to reason him, Nikki is close to die when Travis threatens to take her with him a few tens of stages lower. Nikki is however saved by Cruz, of whom she quickly falls under the spell.

Rejected by Cruz, who wants to remain faithful to his wife Eden, Nikki ends up showing herself under her true identity : she is in fact a police officer infiltrated in the unlawful spheres. She shows her bravery a first time by saving Kelly Capwell and Ric Castillo, attacked by the gangster Craig Hunt. Shot by this latter, she is led to the hospital. She then finds herself being watched by Michael Donnelly. Initially on Cruz's orders who is always suspicious about her, then by simple pleasure when they both start to become friends.

Nikki is then joined by a man of her past, her former fiancÚ, Marcos Llamera. This latter, a notorious drugs trafficker, obliges her to pass her exam to enter the Santa Barbara police to infiltrate the autorities. He also forces her to break her links with Michael and to centre herself on an activity that she had once again hidden to everyone : a large drug traffic. But if she is personally implied in the affair, this is not by vice, but really because she is obliged by Marcos, who retains captive her young brother Amado in exchange of her complicity.

Obsessed by what her brother undergoes by her fault, Nikki tries the maximum and physically attacks Benny, Marcos' accomplice. She takes possession of an important cargo of drug and proposes an exchange to Marcos : the drug against the release of Amado. Alone and despaired, Nikki finally agrees to entrust to Michael and tells him all the truth on what is happening. She takes him with her in the desert where the exchange must take place, but the operation is a disaster and Marcos dies, bitten by a poisonous snake. This is when Kirk Cranston, who turns to be the head of the drugs traffic, makes his appearance and kidnaps Nikki and Michael on Kahana island. They both owe their safety to Cruz's intervention, who saves them from a certain death and allows by the same occasion the release of Amado.

Nikki then finds the moment to breath and to enjoy the happiness to have found her brother. She finally opens herself to Michael without having, for the first time, to play the pretenders. Risking to be deported from the United States for a reason of visa, she sees Michael asking her to marry him. At first reticent in front of this proposal, she ends up accepting it.

But her happiness smashes to pieces suddenly when one evening she is victim of the explosion of the Blue Sky Brigade offices. Helped by Michael, she finally dies in his arms. A quite sad end for a finally attaching character, so fragile under her apparent invincibility...

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