Nick Hartley




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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Nicholas Hartley

Brother : Dylan Hartley


Former known girlfriend : Kelly Capwell (1985-1986)

Professions : Photographer, dishwasher, cab driver


David Haskell :
April 30 1985 (# 194) to October 17 1986 (# 566)


Since the death of Joe Perkins, Kelly Capwell, as well as the small world of Santa Barbara, missed a bit of conscience and of a breath of uprightness. With the character of Nick Hartley, the inhabitants of Santa Barbara find in 1985 a little values that Joe represented and carried only by the police officer Cruz Castillo.

Friend of Cruz's for long years, at the time when they both worked for the C.I.A., Nick is a photographer who lost a great part of his illusions in men at the time of the Vietnam war. Back from this tragedy, he seeks to forget and photography is for him a real opened door on another world. This is as of his first appearance that Nick crosses the way of Kelly, that he will not cease to save and over all to love.

His first contact with Kelly takes place in a park of Santa Barbara, whereas this last one is, without knowing it, threatened by a professional killer named Carla, who works for Jack Lee's cousin. Nick succeeds in saving her of a murder attempt, then help her to find the young Brandon, who get lost in the park. Already, a link seems to be created between the photographer and the young woman.

Soon, he and Kelly are caught in the torment which shakes the life of the sweet Amy Perkins. They are interested in the behavior of Jack Lee, whom they find more than doubtful. After being kidnapped by his men, Kelly undergoes experiences that make her lose her memory. Nick manages to free her and they took refuge in a ghost town, which gets finally realized their common passion. Nick is immediately accused of having kidnapped Kelly, then proves his innocence. But on their return to Santa Barbara, Kelly finds the memory of her past, and in return, forgets all about their adventure and the romance that began to born betweene them. It will take perseverance to Nick so that the elements of her past come back to Kelly and so that her love for Nick finally resurfaces.

During these adventures, Nick has the surprise to see arriving in town his younger brother, Dylan. This one is in the search of a treasure, also coveted by dangerous criminals. Nick sees himself meddled in this affairy and involves in spite of him Kelly in unrestrained pursuits. The adventure finishes quite fortunately well and Nick and Kelly become engaged. It is the occasion for Nick to reproach to his brother his nonchalance and his lack of serious, whereas Dylan opposes to him his moralizer and too perfect side, while envying his love-story with Kelly.

Nick is encouraged by Kelly to resume his job as a photographer. He is introduced by her to a publisher, so he can make a photo book on the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, the book is not sold very well and, not to let Nick loosing hope, Kelly secretly buys all the stocks. Of course, Nick ends up discovering it and this story increases the tension between them, tension already heavy since Nick feels that there is really something between Kelly and Dylan.

Because the stability that Nick thought that he had found with Kelly is quickly threatened by Dylan, who hopes well to let know in Kelly that he fell in love with her and that he will do everything to conquer her. This is besides what ends up arriving when, at the time of a business trip far from Santa Barbara, Dylan and Kelly find themselves alone and make love. Until the wedding ceremony which must unite him to his beloved, Nick is unaware of this infidelity. It is Dylan who, jealous of his brother, is the first to teach him this treason. But Kelly denies at first, incapable to choose between the two brothers, then eventually recognizes the truth. Nick cancels the wedding, but finally grants to forgive her everything.

Understanding that his future with Kelly is for the moment compromised, Nick charges then a psychiatrist friend, Dr. Justin Moore, to take care of her without telling her. But all his attention towards Kelly cannot prevent the drama that occurs one evening at the Capwell Hotel : whereas she is alone in the presidential room, Kelly is joined by Dylan who, mad of love for her, threats with his gun to kill Nick if she does not give up to him. By pushing back Dylan, Kelly makes him falling over one of the picture windows and Dylan makes a mortal fall. Already psychologically fragile, the poor Kelly ends up losing the reason and must be interned in a psychiatric hospital.

Nick must then make the mourning of a brother and a love and try to build a new life while being surrounded of the close relations who remain to him. It is about in particular Brick Wallace, that he had managed to make getting closer with his parents Katie and Glenn at the time of his disease and who had chosen him to be his best man at his wedding. It is still Alice Jackson, to who he proposes to pose for fashion photos (as he had already done it a few months earlier with Janice Harrison, his brother's girlfriend, for a little more stripped photos). But in spite of the support of some friends and a return to his first passion, photography, Nick does not succeed in really finding his smile. He ends up disappearing, with a lot of memories of loss and mourning in the head...

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