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Married to : T. McDonald Lockridge (19??-19??)

Children : Lionel Lockridge, Cassandra Benedict


Dame Judith Anderson :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to June 10 1987 (# 730)

Janis Paige :
October 10 1990 (# 1565) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Background character, Minx Lockridge however will have marked Santa Barbara of her secrecies and her schemes done in the shade, in a past anterior to the commencement of the show... Matriarchal head of one of the most former and respected families of Santa Barbara, Minx shows, as of the very first episode, as a quarrelsome grandmother and with a very strong personality. She delights in her verbal battles with Augusta, the wife of her darling-son Lionel, she does not appreciate much. And especially, even if she adores her grand-daughter Laken, she sees of a very bad eye her relation with Ted, the younger son of the Capwells, her principal target of recriminations. She does not hesitate for example to break loose in front of cameras of television in 1984 at the time of the oil slick caused by an oil platform belonging to the Capwells.

The first mystery to which is linked Minx is the strange relation she seems to keep up with Brick Wallace, who she hires in 1984 as a driver. Very quickly, the suspicions of her family start to weigh to her and she must acknowledge the truth : Brick is in fact the son whom had together years earlier the adulterous couple than formed Lionel and Sophia Capwell. Minx had indeed exchanged at birth Brick with the baby of the Wallace couple (who will be raised as Channing Capwell Junior), refusing to see her grandson raised by the Capwells. The news obviously upsets all the interested parts and Minx has great difficulty to make her act forgiven... She however ends up approaching Lionel when this one is confronted in 1987 to the dead of his second wife, Caroline Wilson. From this date, no more news of Minx, who seems to have probably left the town. But she was however doing nothing any more but sporadic appearances all these last months.

She suddenly reappears in 1990, her bags in the hand, to the great surprise of Augusta and Lionel. Decided to reintegrate the familial mansion, she asks her old friend Maxwell Hammer to buy back for her her property to C.C. Capwell. Astonished to discover her, in spite of her age, in a so good physical health, Augusta and Lionel quickly find out that Minx discovered the spring of waters of youth halfway between the Lockridge and Capwell properties. Lionel even takes upon himself to commercialize it for a while under the name of  Capridge Water, due to the partnership between the holders !

If Minx gives for reason to her return the desire to give again to the Lockridges their former renown largely tarnished these last years, the truth is very different. She has indeed the desire to rejoin her past and to find the child to whom she secretly gave birth years ago, whereas she was living an adulterous relation without the knowledge of her husband. She thus hires for this purpose Michael Donnelly who finds her trace in the person of Cassandra Benedict, the beautiful orphan raised by the Capwells and precisely recently back in Santa Barbara. The reunion mother/daughter is difficult, Cassandra refusing to forgive her mother to have thus given her up. But Minx has the idea to entrust her private diary to her and by reading it, Cassandra is so much touched that she finally ends up accepting her filiation.

Minx finds again a little of the bad temper that one knows from her when Gina DeMott begins to date Lionel and regularly comes to assert herself, with her baby, in the new Lockridge mansion. Opposed to their relation, she is however compelled to accept it when the couple gets married in 1992. And it is with a smile (one of her first one since 1984 !) that she appears to the arm of Dr. Micah DeAngelis at the time of the ultimate scene of good-bye of the show in January 1993...

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