Dr. Micah DeAngelis




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Identity   Interpreter

Pseudonym : Marcus Disgrazia

Married to : Mariah Beckwithe (197?)

Children : Giovanni DeAngelis, Aurora DeAngelis


Former known girlfriends : Countess Carla Rinaldi (1992), Jodie Walker (1992-1993)

Profession : Doctor


Thaao Penghlis :
May 08 1992 (# 1963) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


This is a train for a holiday destination that Julia Wainwright and her young daughter Samantha meet a man who told them to be named Marcus Disgrazia. Doctor by profession, he seems to pay close attention to ghost stories and to the misadventures that his traveling companions knew in the Ballymoor haunted house where they live from now on. He says to them that he knows Micah DeAngelis, the son-in-law of Abigail Beckwithe, who haunts Ballymoor.

When little Samantha suddenly falls seriously ill and nearly dies from a mysterious syndrome, Marcus intervenes to save her. His practice of alternative medicine leaves Mason Capwell doubtful. But his success in saving the life of his daughter allows Marcus to gain his trust.

The veil is lifted on the mysterious Marcus Disgrazia, when his face appears on a painting of the Beckwithe family, that the painter Suzanne Collier is in charge of restoring. It thus appears that behind the pseudonym of Marcus hides in fact Dr. Micah DeAngelis himself. Pulled in a cemetery following a letter, Suzanne is attacked and falls off a cliff. Hospitalized, she recognizes Micah at his bedside in the person of Marcus, and has just enough time to write his name with her blood before sinking into a deep coma. All suspicions then turn on Micah, who is accused of having tried to lay into Suzanne's life. While Micah disappears, it is Julia's turn to be infected with Samantha's disease and to find herself also in a coma. Micah is called for help by Mason and manages to heal Julia.

When it is discovered that Abigail Beckwithe is still alive and at the origin of the attacks on Suzanne and Julia, Micah is completely cleared. He makes it up with his daughter, Aurora, and decides to settle with her in Santa Barbara. He then worries about her relationship with the young Sawyer Walker, suspected of the murder of Frank Goodman. When Aurora leaves the city to follow Sawyer, now a fugitive, Micah forms an alliance with Jodie, Sawyer's mother, to find their children. These times spent together give rise to an attraction between the two parents, especially since Jodie is undergoing separation from her husband, Reese. But it is without taking into account Italian Countess Carla Rinaldi, come to join Micah in Santa Barbara and who, jealous of Jodie, tries by all means to drive them away from each other.

At the end of 1992, Micah discovers the arrival in town of his son Giovanni... on a hospital table. Indeed he practices a surgical operation on him without having acknowledged him. At first shocked, he is happy to find his son. However, he becomes disillusioned when he learns that this latter is going to become a priest, a vocation that he does not stand.

Jodie seeming decided to go back with her husband in the last episode of the show, it is alone that we definitively leave Micah, however with the happiness of having finally retied with his beloved children.

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