Megan Richardson




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Identity   Interpreter

Date of birth : October 1954

Child : Greg Hughes


Former known boyfriend : C.C. Capwell (1971, 1989)

Profession : Writer


Meg Bennett :
March 15 1989 (# 1165) to July 18 1989 (# 1251)


When Megan Richardson arrives at the Capwell mansion in March 1989, it is formally with the project of writing the biography of C.C. Capwell, commissioned by her publisher. Determined but discreet, Megan is a renowned author of slushy novels, who quickly charms in spite of herself the object of her book. Then divorced with his former wife Sophia, C.C. invites Megan to move into the guesthouse of his property and he holds many candlelit dinners and romantic evenings to seduce her. But Megan does not seem determined to give in him.

Sophia, who is wary of Megan, decides to conduct her investigation about her. She searched her belongings and discovers that she sends the pages of her manuscript to a man named Greg in New Hampshire. She goes there and discovers that Greg is Megan's son, of whom she had never told anyone. Constrained by Sophia, Megan talks about the existence of her son to C.C., and explains that his father, Joe Hughes, died during the war. C.C. can not help but follow Megan in New Hampshire to meet the child of the woman he fell in love with. But Megan continues to repel his advances, even if she gives in a few times face to his passionate impulses. Megan seems more and more to play a double game, when C.C. discovers one day that notes she takes during their conversations do not turn out as planned around his life, but are a fictionalized version of their story with modified names. She is even for a while suspected to be the spy who provides informations on the Capwell Entreprises to the ennemy Robert Barr.

Megan finally lifts the veil on her secret when she confesses to Greg that Joe Hughes is an invention, and that he is in fact C.C.'s son. Seventeen years ago, she met him in the streets of Paris and spent a single night in his company. When she discovered she was pregnant, she chose not to tell C.C., realizing that she meant nothing to him. She encouraged Greg to spend the summer with her in Santa Barbara and to decide all alone to tell or not to tell the truth to his father. The pressure imposed by Sophia and the other Capwell children who remain wary of Megan and Greg push him to tell C.C. that he is his father. Megan is relieved to see that the news only strengthens C.C.'s love for her, and that he welcomes Greg like any other of his children.

But when C.C. asks Megan to marry him at a family dinner, Megan declines his offer. She even leaves the city a few days before packing once and for all her bags. She meets Sophia to whom she explains that she suffers from leukemia for many years, and that the disease having accelerated its evolution, she is about to die. Not wanting to be a burden for the ones who love her, she decides to leave and asks Sophia to watch over C.C. and Greg, to whom she leaves a simple farewell letter. C.C. is nevertheless alerted by Sophia, and finds Megan at the airport before she leaves for Los Angeles. Megan remains closed to his entreaties to stay, and it is alone and the heart broken that she boards the plane to a near-death...

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