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Identity   Interpreter
Year of birth : 1959

Year of death : 1986

Father : Willard DuVall

Mother : Theda Bassett


Brother and sister : Steve Bassett (step-brother), Christie DuVall

Married to : Dr. Mark McCormick (1986)

Former known boyfriend : Mason Capwell (1985-1986)

Professions : Nun, nurse at the Figueroa Street clinic


Harley Jane Kozak :
June 25 1985 (# 234) to July 21 1986 (# 502), February 21 1989 (# 1149) to February 22 1989 (# 1150)

? :
June 07 1989 (# 1225)


For her softness and her kindness, Mary DuVall is one of the characters of Santa Barbara who will have marked the fans of the show forever. Mary does her appearance in 1985, working as voluntary sister in a private clinic of Santa Barbara. She is notably C.C. Capwell's appointd nurse during his coma. One day, she meets Mason Capwell, the tormented elder of the rich family. At her contact, Mason sees his personality transformed : he becomes patient, accessible, finally opened and trustful. Very quickly they acknowledge their love for each other. But one day, Gina DeMott, jealous, organises a trap against Mary : she makes her come in her room for Mason's part, and there, dressed with nothing but a towel, she kisses Mason who has no time to push her back. Feeling scouted, Mary decides to break, despite Mason explains her it was just a plan from Gina to make them separate.

It is at this moment that Dr. Mark McCormick, Mary's old friend from college, joins her in town. But they are victims of an attack organized by Kirk Cranston, directed against Eden and Cruz. Mary comes out uninjured, but Mark, who was also there becomes paralysed. On his hospaital bed, he asks Mary in marriage. Thinking that Mark is going to die, she accepts, in spite of her always strong love for Mason. The union is celebrated in the hospital room just after. But Mark succeeds to survive to his injuries and Mary  then regrets to have married him for wrong reasons. But she can't refrain from containing her real feelings to the two men. By revenge, Mark rapes Mary.

Sometimes later, Mary learns that she's pregnant of Mason, with who she lives now, and starts a procedure to divorce. But Mason guesses who is at the origin of the rape when he meets Janice Harrison, Mark’s first wife, who acknowledges him that she had ever been beaten by him. Mary cannot prevent Mason from visiting Mark, to make him acknowledge his act. But Mark says nothing and refuses the divorce, saying that Mary's baby is his. Proceedings are then instituted, Mary being defended by Mason and Mark by Julia Wainwright (who acts in fact against her customer, wanting to make him imprisonned). But an evening they dispute concerning the divorce on the roof of the Capwell hotel, Mary and Mark are surprised by a storm. Suddenly, the immense letter "C" of the ensign gets detached and falls on Mary, then always pregnant, who dies immediately. Mason, disabled, will never be really able to recover from her death and will consequently darken in alcoholism.

Mary however makes a reappearance in 1989. Whereas Mason falls into coma after a shot of which he was the target, he arrives in paradise where he is received by Mary herself. She reveals to be his guardian angel and to be at his sides at each time since her death and forever. She speaks to him about their reciprocal love which never succeeded to end despite all these years and advises him to marry Julia who loves him and who will be able to make him happy. Comforted to know her happy and so close to him, Mason turns over to our world and finally marries Julia, but without forgetting the first woman he ever loved. Which other more beautiful proof of love could bring Santa Barbara to us than this union which will never cease ?...

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