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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Margaret Gillis

Married to : Ben Gillis (198?-...)


Former known boyfriend : Warren Lockridge (1985)

Profession : Police officer


Suzanne Marshall :
February 26 1985 (# 149) to July 19 1985 (# 250)


It is during the hostage crisis by Peter Flint at the Perkins house that we meet a new officer of the city : the young police sergeant Maggie Gillis. Presented as a strong and determined woman, able to face the world and its realities, she is nonetheless a woman with her weaknesses and flaws. Maggie comes on her own to propose to Cruz to serve as a bait, by disguising herself as Kelly Capwell to enter the house. Although recently arrived in the police, this latter is highly rated by her superiors, and she is the best at gun shooting of her promotion. However, during the hostage crisis, she is unable to shoot Peter Flint, which could have put an end to the drama. For a long time, Maggie will have to bear some culpability in the death of Joe Perkins.

Calling for a new chance to show her ability to Cruz, she gets from him to seek and find Channing Capwell Junior's former mistress, a young woman named Lindsay Smith. After discovering the address of that person, Maggie makes again a new error of judgement. During the investigation, she illegally enters the apartment and, as she digs into his files, she comes face to face with a man : Lindsay Smith.

Subsequently, Maggie will be slowly removed from all police investigations, with the exception of the one relating to Christie DuVall's rape. During this investigation, she will have to face the macho behavior of the assistant district attorney Steve Bassett.

Some other flaws can be guessed in Maggie's more personal behavior. Throughout the meetings, her heart will open to the fiery journalist Warren Lockridge. Attracted by Warren, Maggie feels deeply tortured because she is actually married. Ben, her husband, is, from an accident at work on a Capwell oil rig, completely paralyzed. Face to this man now deaf, blind, mute and confined to a wheelchair, Maggie has chosen to sacrifice herself for her love for him, but feels nevertheless the need to feel loved. Touched by the young woman's distress, Warren helps her to find a lawyer to attack the Capwell Enterprises and to claim financial compensation. Represented by Mason Capwell, Maggie is determined not to get revenge, but to obtain justice. Showing herself strong, she refuses many proposals for an agreement between her and the Capwell Enterprises.

But the case also marks the end of what might have been her relationship with Warren, because Maggie realizes that she can not decently leave her husband in the ordeal he is crossing. Respectful of the rights and of her commitments, Maggie got married for better or for worse. Thus, having placed him in a nursing specialty, Maggie backtracks and goes with Ben to New York. The 10 million dollars she finally wins in her fight against the Capwell Enterprises will be used to treat Ben and try to give him a better life.

It is a shame that officer Maggie Gillis has quickly left the center stage, because due to her links with the Capwells and the Lockridges, and especially because of her so natural personality, she would have deserved some new storylines.

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