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Complete name : Mackenzie Blake

Mother : Phyllis Blake

Brother and sisters : Stan Benson (half-brother), Gina DeMott Capwell, Summer Blake


Former known girlfriends : Yvonne Bartelo (1989), Gretchen Richards (1990)

Profession : Fitness professor at the Capwell health club, assistant horse trainer at the Pacific Bay polo club


Steve Bond :
September 06 1989 (# 1287) to October 11 1990 (# 1566)


Mack Blake, Gina DeMott Capwell's brother, arrives in Santa Barbara one fine day of 1989 and at the general surprise, since Gina had never mentioned his existence. Very quickly, he turns to be a seducer with a tender heart, perhaps too naive towards the female race, what will play some nasty tricks on him many times.

A little time after his arrival, Mack is victim of the accusations of a former mistress, Yvonne Bartelo, who accuses him of having stolen her Porsche. However it is quickly proven that that car was offered to Mack and that no theft has been committed. But it is enough so that the presence of Mack in Santa Barbara is badly seen by Gina, who reproaches him to exercise a bad influence on her adoptive son, Brandon. Actually, the situation is quite different : Mack and Brandon become very quickly accomplices and Mack takes part in his education, thus becoming the paternal figure that he needed.

Thanks to Kelly Capwell, and in spite of Gina's opposition, Mack obtains a job of fitness professor in the Capwell health club. But his fighter look quickly brings him troubles when he is accused by the manager, Ilsa, to have stolen some jewels belonging to a customer. With the help of the lawyer Julia Wainwright, Mack succeeds in proving his innocence, by showing that the affair is just a machination from Ilsa who wished his dismissal.

At the end of 1989, Mack has the surprise to see arriving in town Phyllis, his mother, who settles in Gina's home. Always honest and respectful of the others, Mack can only be indignant when he discovers that his sister has an affair for several weeks with the district attorney Ethan Asher. Long date friend of Laura, Ethan's wife, Mack feels indebted towards her for the pain that Gina causes to her. But when Laura, after having discovered her husband's cheat, starts a fire and destroys the Lockridge mansion, Mack is constrained to welcome at his place, in his caravan, Phyllis, Gina and Brandon who do not have a home any more. This forced cohabitation makes it nevertheless possible for Mack to definitively get closer to his sister.

At the Pacific Bay polo club where he works from now on, Mack meets Gretchen Richards, the wife of the rich Harland Richards, and becomes his lover. But it appears very quickly that if Mack is really in love with her, Gretchen benefits from this relation to serve a precise purpose : to get rid of her husband. Mack is getting coaxed by Gretchen, who entrusts to him that Harland is violent and that their love will be able to grow only if Harland dies. In spite of the love he carries for her, Mack gets opposed to this idea. But he is constrained to a violent confrontation with Harland, orchestrated by Gretchen in the Pacific Bay polo club stables. Gretchen benefits from the fight which begins between the two men to shoot her husband, but misses her target. Mack understands that he has been abused by Gretchen when this one tries to make him accused at her place of the murder attempt.

Gretchen finally arrested, Mack finds himself lost, victim once again of women. In spite of the support of his family, he leaves Santa Barbara definitively, alone...

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