Lisa DiNapoli




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Identity   Interpreters
Father : Frank DiNapoli

Mother : Anna DiNapoli

Sisters : Celeste DiNapoli, Emily DiNapoli


Former known boyfriends : Roy (198?), Robert Barr (198?)

Profession : Secretary at Capwell & Capwell

  Tawny Kitaen :
February 28 1989 (# 1154) to July 21 1989 (# 1254)

Téa Leoni :
March 21 1989 (# 1169) to March 28 1989 (# 1174)


It is at the Santa Barbara police station that appears for the first time Lisa DiNapoli. With her younger sister Emily, she comes to pay the bail to release her alcoholic father from prison. She then falls on her older sister Celeste, whom she had not seen for years. The reunion is rather cold, Lisa accusing Celeste of having abandoned her and Emily years earlier to a not-loving and authoritarian father. To redeem herself, Celeste proposes to Lisa and Emily to settle in her apartment and leave the family home.

Lisa, with her strong and pretty smart character, is hired as a secretary at the new law firm Capwell & Capwell. It is Mason, the boss, who hires her one evening when, drunk again, he does not realize what he does. But even without experience of secretarial work, Lisa learns quickly and quickly proves herself. Especially in helping repeatedly Mason to cover his alcoholism to his fiancée, Julia. A real complicity gets established between the secretary and her boss, Lisa taking even on herself to lead one night Mason at an alcoholics anonymous meeting. Lisa makes then the revelation that she is herself a former alcoholic. She explains the reasons for her fall to Mason on a night when, in full blues, she is near to plunge, locked alone in a squalid hotel room. At the time, she was the mistress of a married man who, despite his promises, has always refused to leave his wife for her. From there, Lisa has sunk into alcoholism. Proud to be out of it, she accompanies Mason to a withdrawal treatment which allows him for a few months at least, to abandon his excesses, thereby earning Julia's gratitude.

It's just after Julia and Mason's wedding that Lisa starts behaving suspiciously : she makes secret phone calls, searches in Mason's personal files... It turns out that Lisa is involved in the attempt by businessman Robert Barr to buy the Capwell Enterprises. Robert, who is the man whom Lisa once loved until becoming an alcoholic, has made her his spy with Mason. Giving up to his demands, she even goes until hiding a bottle of alcohol in her boss' office to tempt him. But her duplicity is discovered by the psychic Sandra Mills, and Lisa feels that her deception is coming to an end. When she discovers that Robert turns away from her for Gina Capwell Timmons, she decides to stop working for him. Finally confused by Mason, she confesses her betrayal and helps Mason by giving him advices to fight Robert. Fired from the law firm, she leaves the town, leaving a simple letter to her sister Emily.

Although we will no longer be seen, Lisa will be heard twice in the following months : on the phone with Emily at Christmas 1989, then the following year, always on the phone, where she is said shattered while learning that Mason has plunged in alcohol again...

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