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Identity   Interpreter
Maiden name : Simmons

Married to : Ethan Asher (1984-1990)

Child : Jamie Simmons


Former known boyfriends : Vic DeAngelo (197?), Leo Mitchell (197?), Michael Donnelly (1974-1982, 1989)

Profession : Teacher, principal at Crestview high school


Christopher Norris :
March 09 1989 (# 1161) to July 10 1990 (# 1499)

Santa Barbara was beginning to miss of psychopathes in 1989, and more still of whimsical psychopathes. It should be believed that it is to palliate to this lack that made her appearance in Santa Barbara in spring 1989 the wife of the new district attorney, Laura Asher. Already, her person is surrounded by secrecies : it appears very quickly that Laura was formerly the mistress of Michael Donnelly, at the time of her years spent in Boston. By finding him in Santa Barbara, she however prefers to keep her distances, still feeling resentments towards him, due to the terrible accident for which he is responsible : Michael indeed, whereas he was not yet a priest but a police officer, killed Jamie, the son of Laura, at the time of a hostage crisis. The affair is publicly showed off when Leo Mitchell, the brother of a dealer killed by Michael at the time of this same hostage crisis, arrives in town. When Leo is found dead, shot a few weeks later, it is Ethan Asher, the husband of Laura, who is charged of the affair. Conscious that Laura has always feelings for Michael, he manages to accuse him of the murder and makes him arrested. But Laura, to save the man she loves, ends up recognizing the truth while acknowledging to have shot Leo Mitchell in self-defence.

In front of the turning that take the events, Laura then prefers to break definitively with Michael and to only devote herself to try to save her marriage. But Ethan, for his part, has other priorities in mind, in particular his love-affair with Gina DeMott... At this point in time Laura starts to receive anonymous letters accusing her of the murder of Leo Mitchell and claiming money to her, without what the secrecy will be publicly revealed. Discovering that the author of the letters is in fact Phyllis Blake, the mother of Gina, she decides to pay her, while leaving Ethan suspect Gina to be at the origin of this blackmail. She still lies to Ethan while making him believe that she is pregnant of him, but is confounded by Mack Blake, the brother of Gina. Given up by Ethan, tired of her lies, Laura tries to commit suicide and is interned in an asylum.

With the assistance of her roommate, Annie DeGeralamo, Laura succeeds in escaping and launches out in a big wave of crimes to make Ethan pay his infidelity. She starts by setting fire in the Lockridge mansion, where live from now on Gina and her mother, shoots Ethan in his office but kills Sasha Schmidt instead of him and hides the body in Julia and Mason Capwell's bed, causes a car accident while cutting the brake lines of the vehicle of her husband... But even if nothing seems to stop her, Laura's attempts remain vain. At this point in time she decides to use of the perversity of her friend Annie by proposing a bargain to her : each one will kill the husband of the other not to take any risk to be suspected by the police. But Laura doubles Annie while writing in the private diary of this one that she knows Ethan and wishes to kill him...

But again the plan turns shortly when in the club The Lair, Laura falls on Sydney Schmidt, the sister of Sasha. Losing any means, she betrays herself in front of Ethan, Julia and Mason. Arrested by the police, Laura offers to herself a last escape and takes Bunny Tagliatti as a hostage with the assistance of Annie. But she is finally refound and led in prison where she will finish her days...

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