John Perkins




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Date of death : November 12, 1984

Married to : Marisa Perkins (195?-1984)


Children : Joe Perkins, Amy Perkins, Jade Perkins

Profession : Employed at the Capwell Enterprises


Robert Alan Browne :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to November 13 1984 (# 77)


In the same way that C.C. Capwell directs his family, John Perkins vigorously manages his, which certainly knows much less problems. John works for the account of C.C. Capwell, within his oil company.

From the very beginning of the love-story between her son Joe and Kelly, the daughter of his boss, John shows himself very annoyed. He is very reticent with all great upheaval which could modify the family equilibrium. In the world he was raised in, the employees do not attend their boss' daughter. For him, it is not wise to mingle when one does not belong to the same social class. He prefers by far that his son attends his friend Cruz Castillo, or like his daughter Jade, the Andrades. Because just like them, he belongs to the same social category, that which works for those of the upper town's behalf, in fact the Capwells.

When five years earlier, Joe is accused of the murder of Channing Capwell Junior, John does not support his son. He powerless attends his arrest, then his trial. Although Joe does not cease protesting his innocence, John inside of him, believes him guilty. To attend the world of the mighty ones too much, he ended up losing himself. And then, as C.C. Capwell advises to him, he prefers to forget and turn the page. For John and Marisa, his wife, it will be the beginning of the end; and gradually, the Perkins destiny escapes to John's control.

When Joe is released, after five years of imprisonment, and that he decides to return in Santa Barbara, John does not even take the trouble of going with the other members of his family to welcome Joe. John firmly advises to him to leave the town and to rebuild his life elsewhere. He does not have anything to do here any more. But Joe is not of this opinion, just as Marisa, who thinks that Joe paid his debt to society. The two men will then not cease confronting the one to the other. For him, Santa Barbara is not ready to see him returning, because no one, here, forgot what happened five years earlier. The situation is such as John leaves the family home.

Between his love for Joe and his fidelity towards his employer, John hesitates a long time, before finally choosing that of C.C., which seems to him to be the best decision. And in spite of Joe's new discoveries and the refound confidence of Kelly, John continues to believe in the culpability of his son. Later, his behavior will change; his convictions will crack because of Kelly's behavior. The more the days get by, and the more Kelly believes in the innocence of Joe. So if Kelly Capwell, who testified against him, doubt of his culpability, John can only call himself in question again. At the announcement of Joe's death, John doubts seriously of the culpability of his son. Then, on his coffin, he reproaches to himself to do not have supported him, to do not have believed in him. And when he learns that Joe did not die, he is seen offered a chance of rejoin everyone. And the Perkins family resolders itself around them, since even Amy returned for the funerals of her brother. Moreover, Marisa and John decide to leave in honeymoon again. Thereafter, his regained fidelity towards his son will resist all the ordeals. And when Joe, the day before the earthquake, is put back in prison to have shot Peter Flint, John, faithful to his promises, promises to him that this time he will be always at his sides, that he will not make the same errors he did five years ago.

Unfortunately for John, he will be able to attend neither Joe's exculpation, nor with his wedding with Kelly Capwell and even less to have the luck to know a second honeymoon with his wife, because he will find the death in the earthquake which strikes Santa Barbara in November 1984. John dies in the middle of the casualties, with Marisa at his side. He will be besides the only victim of this terrible shake...

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