Jane Wilson




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Complete name : Jane Louise Wilson

Pseudonym : Roxanne

Year of bith : 1966

Mother : Caroline Wilson


Sister : Alice Jackson (half-sister)

Former known boyfriends : Jake Redfield (1986), Brick Wallace (1987-...)

Professions : Programs manager at the radio station KUSB FM, student in archeology and in paleontology, waitress at Johnny's Place


Jane Sibbett :
June 03 1986 (# 471) to October 26 1987 (# 812)


Jane is a character who knew a considerable psychological evolution if is compared her first appearances in the show with the all last. When she appears for the first time, Jane is the director of the programs of the radio station where Ted Capwell works as a disc jockey. Her apparent authority hides in fact a discomfort that she tries to fill while transforming herself into a vamp with long nails : Roxanne. Regularly, she takes pleasure to disguise and harass by phone the poor Ted who loses all quick wit.

But the faintness that knows Jane has deep origins : she had formerly judicially been taken away fom her mother, imprisoned for prostitution. Reproaching her to have, in spite of her, given her up, Jane will however finish to forgive her when she refinds her in Santa Barbara. Meanwhile, Jane meets Lionel Lockridge with who she shares the passion of paleontology (they both in particular discover fragments of bones of dinosaurs in the garden of the property of the Capwells, which attracts the anger of C.C. opposed to any search), and quickly falls in love with him. But conscious of their difference in age, Lionel in vain tries to make her forget this idea by pushing her in the arms of his son, Warren.

Jane is forced to accept the situation when she discovers the adventure that keeps her mother, Caroline, with Lionel. Enough to disturb their recent reconciliation again, more especially that Caroline has just recognized the existence of a hidden daughter, Alice, whom father is the former black boxer recently released from prison, Gus Jackson. But learning that her mother is dying, Jane finishes by forgiving her her errors from the past and even encourages Lionel to marry her before it is too late.

At the death of Caroline, Jane finds comfort with Brick Wallace, who has just lost his wife, Amy. If their relation starts under bad auspices, Jane leaving Johnny, the adoptive son of Brick, being kidnapped by an outlaw agency of adoption, they both show themselves very in love. When Brick is constrained to renounce to Santa Barbara as place for his new career of police officer, Jane agrees to follow him and leaves the town with him definitively, leaving behind her her bad memories of youth...

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