Velvet leg

 TÚlÚ SÚries, 1988

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She is only 24 and Miss Sibbett has already an impressive curriculum vitae. In 1984, she is graduated at UCLA (the university of Los Angeles) and plays in a half-dozen of plays. Then, this is the little screen she decides to "burst". In addition to two TV movies, One Terrific Guy with Wayne Rogers and Promises to Keep with Robert and Christopher Mitchum, she appears in Capitol, Scarecrow and Mrs. King and, with a more regular role, in Dynasty. It is at this time that, one year and four months ago, rang the call of Santa Barbara. Jane hesitates just a little.

She will be Jane Wilson, the studient ladykiller of the "males" of Santa Barbara. You have been warned, Jane loves men. To allure ravish her, but she prefers to use of kindness, at the difference of her character in Santa Barbara. However, Jane does not have anything of the narcissistic shopgirl. She wrote a play in Los Angeles, has literary works in preparation and, perhaps, an evolution towards cinema.

"I dream to play comedy. For me, it will be relatively new and more difficult. If it could be a French movie, it would be better. Your language is the most beautiful of the world, and I try to learn it. I even have had a Parisien boyfriend. But the intercontinental loves are a little hard." Here is a half-invitation which will make crack Jane's fans !