Jade Perkins




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Identity   Interpreter
Father : John Perkins

Mother : Marisa Perkins

Brother and sister : Joe Perkins, Amy Perkins


Former known boyfriend : Danny Andrade (1984-1985)

Professions : Student at Lyman prep, waitress at the beach bar


Melissa Brennan Reeves :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to August 12 1985 (# 266)


Joe Perkins's youngest sister forms integral part of the younger generation of Santa Barbara, at the sides of Ted Capwell, Danny Andrade and Laken Lockridge. At the beginning of Santa Barbara, the role of this more frivolous generation is to counterbalance the main intrigue centered on Joe and the murder of Channing Capwell Junior, by a succession of small flighty intrigues.

Thus our happy group leaves to Hollywood to try its chance in cinema. In fact, it is more the pretty Jade Perkins who seeks to be recognized, Danny particularly seeking to be noticed by her charming blue eyes.

In Hollywood, in spite Ted and especially Danny's successive warnings, Jade lets herself being embarked by Willard Holmby, a doubtful producer. During screen tests, he asks the young woman to strip completely. Initially reticent, Jade, attracted by her dreams of glory, almost accepts. Fortunately, during a last audition, she crosses the way of Peaches Delight, a retired actress, who warns her : the so-called producer for whom she intended to reveal much more than her talent is only in fact a pornographic film producer !

Returned in Santa Barbara, Jade finds the way of college. After having, with the help of her friends, played all the possible and conceivable nasty tricks to her professor Mr. Bottoms, she meets an new comer, Christie DuVall, who is very quickly integrated into the group. But she stays on Ted's side when this latter turns to be accused of rape by Christie.

With the time, the role of Jade will lose of its importance, the new intrigues elaborated by the scenario writers having lost their flighty character. And at last, Jade will leave Santa Barbara without leaving any address. From all the members of the Perkins family, only Jade and her mother, Marisa, will escape the fatal malediction which weighs on this family...

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