Jackie Parks




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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Jacqueline Parks

Maiden name : Baldwin


Married to : Larry Parks (198?-1985)

Profession : English teacher


Martina Deignan :
January 03 1985 (# 112) to May 08 1985 (# 200)


When she arrives at Santa Barbara and finds her old friend Amy Perkins there, Jackie Parks seems as her alter-ego : kind, human, but also dynamic and voluntary. Married to a Navy officer unceaselessly on the front, Jackie settles down at the Perkins house, and spends many of her time with her great friend Amy to remember old souvenirs and to have fun. Jackie suffers from the absence of her husband, and participates by proxy in the coming of Amy's child.

English teacher at Lyman high school, Jackie shows herself very opened towards her pupils, in particular towards Ted Capwell, of whom she becomes the confidante and the support which he needs in these times of crisis with his girlfriend Laken Lockridge. Their teacher-pupil relation thus evolves very quickly into a real friendship, where some others see there more, as at the morning when Ted is surprised at his awakening on Jackie's sofa by Laken and Jade Perkins. Jackie finds often herself involved in the adventures concerning Ted and his family, in particular when she supports Ted for the choice of his university, which is not the taste of C.C.. So, when some policemen find prostitutes in the apartment that Ted shares with his half brother Mason, Jackie gets thrown in prison in spite of her. Because of the pressures of the Lyman direction, Jackie is forced to go away from Ted.

Jackie's natural cheerfulness often leaves her however when it comes to talk about her marriage with Larry. This latter, too often absent from the house, gives news to her only by phone or telegram, generally to announce her that his permission (further to a disease) was postponed or simply cancelled. Their reunion at this beginning of the year 1985 occurs furthermore in dramatic surroundings, because Larry returns to Santa Barbara when Jackie and Amy get taken as hostage at the Perkins home by Peter Flint. Larry tries a bravery action by throwing himself on Peter and allows Jackie to go out safe of the scene of the crime which is going to follow. But Jackie's happiness is short-term, because a few days later, Larry tells her that he already has to return to the base. However, just before his departure, she manages to make him promise that he will leave the Navy soon.

After several false alarms, the terrible news that every wife of serviceman dreads finally happens : Jackie learns some weeks later that her husband disappeared in the fightings. This time, it is Ted who plays the comforters in front of a destroyed Jackie. After a last tribute to Larry, Jackie disappears from the show without a word, as if the death of her husband could only lead to her own disappearance...

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Martina Deignan
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