Hayley Benson




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of birth : 1967

Date of death : January 1988

Father : Stan Benson


Married to : Ted Capwell (1986-1987)

Former known boyfriend : Jake Morton (1987-1988)

Professions : Maid of the Capwells, secretary at the radio station KUSB FM, student


Stacy Edwards :
February 06 1986 (# 388) to January 12 1988 (# 866)


Belonging to the great family of Gina DeMott who will not had of cease to increase with the episodes, Hayley Benson is the new popular character of 1986. Daughter of one of Gina's brother never appeared in the show, Hayley is the one towards goes all the sympathy of the televiewer : simple, cordial, her death will have left many fans without voice.

Hayley arrives in Santa Barbara having running away from her parents and finds refuge to her aunt Gina. Very quickly, she becomes friend with Ted Capwell who succeeds in making her hired as a servant in the family mansion. Promiscuity helping, Hayley quickly falls in love with Ted, but continues to hide from him that she is Gina's niece, the enemy of the Capwells. However, she finally tells him the truth a few months later.

A little naively, she follows Lily Light, Gina's hidden daughter, when she decides to go in war against the casino of the town. Taken by the energy of the manifestation, Hayley throws a ignited projectile in Buzz's bar which blazes up. Unfortunately, Amy Perkins who worked as a waitress there, was then in service and dies under the flames. Ted, witness of the scene, have to testify at the lawsuit against Hayley. His only exit : to accept to marry her, a husband cannot testify against his wife. Thus, Hayley gets married with Ted a little precipitately and obviously without to be prepared.

The following days are difficult, the couple has problems to survive to the events. Moreover, the return in town of Laken Lockridge, Ted's old girlfriend, does not arrange anything. To finish to complete the crisis, Hayley is raped by an unknown man in 1987. Amy's husband, Brick Wallace, is first suspected before it is found out that the rapist is Ken, a waiter at Johnny's Place.

Hayley seeks comfort with Ted, but he is unable to face. Hayley turns then to Jake Morton,Ted's colleague at the Abernathy stables. Then begins a great passion between Hayley and the farm hand, candidate mannequin. Hayley and Ted finally decide to divorce and she and Jake can then live their love in broad daylight.

But unfortunately for a little time : at the beginning of 1988, Hayley is victim of a road accident, reversed by Blister, Carmen Castillo's boyfriend, drunk. Jake will not be able to recover from her loss and will definitively leave the town a few weeks later, letting the televiewer makes alone its mourning of one of the more endearing characters of the show...

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