Gus Jackson




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Identity   Interpreter
Married to : Olivia Jackson (196?-198?)

Child : Alice Jackson


Former known girlfriend : Caroline Wilson (196?)

Profession : Boxer, cook at the Orient Express


David Wolos-Fonteno :
December 04 1986 (# 599) to April 08 1987 (# 686)


This is the birthday of the young and fragile Alice Jackson that Caroline Wilson visits a man in prison, Gus, who happens to be Alice's father. Imprisoned for several years for having shot a policeman who threatened his daughter, Gus has always proclaimed his innocence. It is thanks to Caroline and to the support of the influential C.C. Capwell that Gus gets to be released on parole shortly before Christmas 1986. As a generous man of integrity, Gus finds with a great joy his daughter, Alice, who finally takes back a taste for life after being interned in a mental institution during all his incarceration.

Gus gets from the beginning of 1987 a job as a waiter at the restaurant the Orient Express. But the law of series is going after him : a theft of money is committed at the restaurant, and Eden Capwell is convinced to recognize Gus as the black man who assaulted her. The real thief, a man named Zach, puts evidences against Gus at his home. Despite the support of Julia Wainwright and Cruz Castillo, Gus is arrested and thrown in jail. As Gus's trial begins, Zach makes a mistake and, to bail out, takes as hostages at the Lockridge mansion Alice, Caroline and Lionel Lockridge. Gus intervenes and saves Caroline's life by throwing himself in a fight with the thief.

But Gus has to face another ordeal when, after these events, Caroline decides to show sincerity and to confess to Alice the secrecy surrounding her birth. Despite Gus's opposition, Alice learns that she is Caroline's daughter, contrary to what her father always told her. At the time of their romance, a marriage between an African-American man and a young woman of the southern states was unthinkable, what explains the abandonment of Alice by Caroline after her delivery. Gus manages to be forgiven by his daughter, which shows even more grievances against Caroline who left her in her asylum for years without intervening.

When he gets a job opportunity in Chicago, Gus offers his daughter to go alone with him. After a final farewell to Caroline, Gus leaves Santa Barbara with Alice to finally catch up the time he lost with her and to start more serenely a new life...

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